What is eutrophication?
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What is eutrophication?

What is Eutrophication? It’s a problem that should matter to you,
whether you live near the ocean or not. That’s because it begins wherever people
live, and ends with damage to resources we all use, and enjoy. It all starts when nutrients get into lakes
and oceans. Remember, what’s waste to humans can be
food to plants and other creatures. Nutrients feed algae, like they do other plants. Algae grows and blocks sunlight. Plants die without sunlight. Eventually, the algae dies too. Bacteria digest the dead plants, using up
remaining oxygen, and giving off carbon dioxide. If they can’t swim away, fish and other
wildlife become unhealthy, or die without oxygen. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Protecting marine resources starts with sound
agricultural and waste management practices.

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