UMTMOOC –  Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
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UMTMOOC – Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Assalamualaikum & salam sejahtera. I’m Rahaya. Today I would like to talk about ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT (EIA) In this topic, we will learn about the EIA What is EIA? EIA is a study to identify, predict, evaluate, environmental impacts and communicate information, EIA is about the impacts on the environment to project approval and implementation. EIA is used as an aid to public decision making on larger projects, such as the construction of a highway, power plant or industrial production sites. Why do we need EIA? It is planning mechanism for consideration impacts, decision making, analytical paradigms and mitigation. EIA looking for impacts on both the physical and the social environment. Environmental Impact Statements or Environmental Impact Reports Mitigation of significant impacts must be assessed for all possible impacts (tangible and intangible impacts) What to Consider Prior to EIA Study? Project Concept refer to National Physical Plan, Structure Plan, Local Plan and Regional Plan (inter-state planning) Site selection should be follow the Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESA), as defined in National Physical Plan (April 2005) Site selection guided by the following criteria; refer to Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESA) ESA RANK 1-permitted except for low-impact nature ESA RANK 2-low-impact nature
ESA RANK 3-strictly controlled Site selection process should be acceptable to the authorities and public prior to commencing detailed feasibility and EIA Studies. Buffers, Air pollution, Proximity, Water Pollution, Geology/Hydrology Risks of Toxic Clouds, Fire and Explosion, Waste disposal/raw materials, Social/cultural, Access, Noise, Land value, Ecology Site Selection Process like a cycle process include Project proponents, Integrated planning, Sustainable development In Malaysia, EIA is required under section 34A, Environmental quality act, 1974 EIA Report must be; Guidelines issued by the DOE, Prescribed activity on the environment, measures to prevent reduce or control. Who can Conduct EIA Study? Refer to Competent individuals who are registered under EIA Consultant Registration Scheme and please visit to
website How to Conduct EIA?
EIA reports, project proponents and EIA consultants may refer to Handbook of environmental impact assessment guidelines (4th ed.2007) EIA Guidelines for specific activities published by the DOE Other relevant guidelines published by other agencies. Project Approving Authority based on;
National Development Planning Committee for Federal Government sponsored projects State Planning Authorities for State Government sponsored projects. Regional Development Authorities for the State Executive Committee (EXCO) Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), with due reference to the Malaysia Industrial Development Authority (MIDA)-for industrial projects For further study please refer my lecture notes provided Have a nice day & THANK YOU


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