Teens in the Universe (1974) movie
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Teens in the Universe (1974) movie

Gorky Film Studio TEENS IN THE UNIVERSE Screenplay by
A. ZAK, I. KUZNETSOV Directed by
Richard VIKTOROV Director of Photography
Andrei KIRILLOV Production Designer
Konstantin ZAGORSKY Music by
V. CHERNYSHYOV English Subtitles by
T. Kameneva Cast: Sereda – Misha YERSHOV
Kozelkov – Sasha GRIGORYEV Kopanygin – Volodya SAVIN
Lobanov – Volodya BASOV Kuteishchikova – Olya BITYUKOVA
Sorokina – Nadya OVCHAROVA Panfyorova – Ira POPOVA
Agapit – Dima LEDOGOROV A.S.A. –
lnnokenty SMOKTUNOVSKY Extraterrestrial – Igor LEDOGOROV
Academician Filatov – Lev DUROV This is my place, move over. Mishka’s taken my place. What’s this row?
Mind your table manners. C’mon, sit down, sit down. We’ve gathered here today to mark the fortieth birthday of our Pavlik, who 27 years ago flew off to the far-off Cassiopeia
constellation. Each year,
we gather at this table. We’re doing our best
to keep everything here as it was when
our Pavlik lived in this room. Though now he is already
Pavel Kondratyevich Kozelkov. The briefcase, with which
P.K. Kozelkov loved to go to school The nails P.K. Kozelkov
loved to hammer in Visitors’ Book Let’s drink to good luck, so that it should always
accompany our Pavlik in everything. Who are you? Please excuse
my sudden intrusion, but I deemed it my duty
to congratulate your family with the birthday
of Pavel Kondratyevich Kozelkov, the first pilot of ”Dawn”. Excuse me, but who are you? Well, I know who he is. How should I explain it… I’m performing special
duties in this whole story. Listen, pal… – I’m, you know, A.S.A.
– What? Acting specially as.
A.S.A. In my line of duty, I was closely
connected to the crew of ”Dawn” and, particularly, to your son,
dear Antonina… Don’t be shy. You see, I’m tangible, quite
material, so everything’s all right. Dear Antonina Alekseyevna
and Kondraty Panteleimonovich. Why are you having 40 candles here? Pavlik was 13 when he flew away. It was 27 years ago.
27 plus 13… What a childishly naive conclusion.
Come on, count them. 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. 1 1 , 12, 13… 14. 14. 14! Just 14,
dear Irina Kondratyevna. – Einstein’s paradox.
– What? – Einstein’s paradox.
– So what? While here, on Earth, 27 years pass,
less than a year passes over there. Einstein’s paradox. What does he have to do with it? Mikhail Kondratyevich is absolutely
right, it’s Einstein’s paradox. May I remind you
that it was the idea of the expedition’s head,
Viktor Danilovich Sereda, to form the crew
of teenagers no older than 14, so that they could
reach Cassiopeia in the prime of their life,
about 40 years old. But an incredible thing happened. The ship broke
through the hyperspace and reached its destination 27 years
earlier than the calculated… – Time!
– Absolutely right. There’s nothing we can do about
the paradox, we’ve been hearing about it
since Pavlik left. But I just cannot believe
that Pavlik is younger than Misha,
who was only 3 then. Oh, women! Nevertheless,
my dear Antonina Alekseyevna, today, there or over there,
in the depths of space, your son has
turned just… – Forty.
– Fourteen! A paradox. Too many temptations. How about a picnic amid nature? A birthday in our
own simulated nature. We’ll sunbathe, we’ll sing,
we’ll fix a barbecue. We need something more ceremonial. After all, it’s the first
birthday on the ship. At least, in some room. Guys, let’s do it
in his flat, like on Earth. – Well, it’s not a bad idea.
– Great! Let’s simulate Pavel’s flat. Don’t forget about a samovar
and a white cat. – Write it down.
– I already did. And I’ve got something here
for the sound effects. – Three… four.
– Please! Mom, will we have compote today? Yes, Misha dear. – What about jelly?
– We’ll have jelly tomorrow. And ice cream? No ice cream,
you all got sore throats. Children, who took my magazine? I’m sure it’s Pashka.
And he’s late for dinner as usual. Where’s Pavlik? I’m here, Mom, Dad! Help me slice the bread and put the plates on the table. Those Pashka’s nails
are all over the table again. Fedya, I’m sorry
you have to do it. Happy birthday! Sorry, we wanted to please you. lt was a stupid joke. But take it easy,
you’re a grownup man now. – No, not grownup.
– Yes, grownup. If you’d stayed on Earth,
you would have been 40 already. Old man. We must swear right now that we’ll never play
such jokes on one another, that we’ll never remind
each other of home, our home on Earth, so that we never felt
such an excruciating nostalgia, so that memories
never weakened our will. I swear. I swear. I swear not to remember. I swear. I swear. – I swear.
– But it’s impossible! Impossible not to remember the Earth,
your home, your family. Those are the dearest things we got. Childhood will remain here forever,
on the planet we’re heading for. As the ship commander,
on behalf of the earthmen, I exempt you
from this oath for tonight. – Intimacy is welcome.
– Anything for the crew. Come on, ”The night is gone”. The night is gone, as the pain is gone, Earth is asleep, yes, let her rest. The Earth has to go a way as long As life, as we have to go in our quest. I’ll take along this big world, Every day, every hour that has passed. Should l forget something, The stars may not accept us. Should I forget something, The stars may not accept us. I’ll take the memory of fields wide
and far, I’ll swim in the ripe, thick hay. And there, far off, by the blue star, The Earth’s Sun will light my way. I’ll take along this big world, Every day, every hour that has passed. Should I forget something, The stars may not accept us. Should I forget something, The stars may not accept us. Twenty seven years ago,
the spaceship ”Dawn”, which is a Russian acronym of ”annihilator relativistic
nuclear starship”, took off from Earth towards
Alpha Star in Cassiopeia Constellation, also known as Schedar. As you know, after the ship left
the Solar system, we lost all communication with it. For 27 years, all our efforts to locate the ship
and contact it have been in vain. However, last night,
at 18:57, we succeeded in
not only locating the ship, but even having a direct
television hook-up with them. All the members of the expedition
are in good health, the ship’s systems
are in working order. The starship is
approaching Schedar, that is, the target of its flight. What 27 years ago
was just a tentative hypothesis, is beyond
any doubt today. The Schedar star’s system has a planet inhabited by intelligent creatures. Moreover,
our laboratory has deciphered the signals
coming from that planet. There has been a catastrophe there that threatens
to destroy civilization. What has happened is not clear. But the thinking creatures
are in danger from someone. Children’s magazine ”Pif”. I would like to know when you’ll have
another connection with the starship. I cannot answer that question. We have waited 27 years
for today’s connection. There it is, Alpha in Cassiopeia. The signals come from the second
planet of the Alpha system. Apparently, these are the signals of
the disaster the Earth had anticipated. Here is the planet. It looks so much
like our Earth. What do you think, guys,
where our Earth can be now? I didn’t ask about my home,
I just asked about Earth. That’s the same. Just approximately,
where is it now? – We can’t even see the Sun from here.
– Approximately. Approximately, over there. But given the curvature
of space, it’s there. Or there. Stop fooling. We’re entering the sphere
of planetary gravitation. What awaits us on this planet? If only we could know who’s sending
the signals. We thought we’d arrive
here already as grownups. Why getting in the dumps? The sooner
we arrive, the sooner we leave. – Wise man.
– Aristotle. Alright, let’s get serious.
All go to your work places. Fix the parameters of circular orbit,
with account of atmospheric density. Check the manual controls. Is it so difficult to choose those
three? It is. I hope you understand that I have
to fly under any circumstances? I understand. Sereda, I hope you understand
that in any case I must fly with
the first reconnaissance capsule? Why you? Vitya, I’m an exobiologist. Should there be an encounter
with intelligent creatures, I must meet them first. Yes, I guess you’re right. Thanks. Switch off, Lob,
Vitya’s still thinking. Vitya, I hope you understand
that in any case I have to fly. Why? You ask, we answer. I’m the only specialist
in extraterrestrial civilizations. Who can tell
a pulsating homunculus from a twinkling octosaur? Secondly, I invented a unique
glue, and my resourcefulness… Block him. Vitya, we hope you understand… Alright, go. I have
to think it all over again. – Yes, Commander.
– Don’t consult with the computer. He is at bad terms with it. You should look beautiful
when you step onto an alien planet. You’re so lucky.
I didn’t think Vitya would send you. – Anyone but you.
– Why not? You know
how he feels about you. When we were in the 4th grade,
he stole your photo. I gave it to him.
And not in the 4th, but in the 5th. All right, he didn’t steal it. Julia’s right, you’re lucky. If Misha looked at me
the way Vitya looks at you, I would have died from happiness. I prefer people
who give no sign of what’s going on inside them. Because you’re too secretive yourself. But one can’t hide anything
from me, I’ve got eyeglasses. All right, girls, we’re not on Earth. On Earth or not on Earth,
I cannot hide anything. All is written on my face,
and he can see it. But he looks only at you. Guns are in pockets behind your seats. Thanks.
Kuteishchikova is late even now. She’s coming. – Well, good luck.
– Goodbye. Goodbye. – I’ll call her Varyana.
– Who? – That planet.
– Why Varyana? Varya. Varyana.
You’ll be the first to step on it. I won’t be alone to step on it. Well, call it whatever
you like, even Juliana. I don’t care.
Goodbye. Goodbye. Pasha, we’ll be on line all the time. Goodbye.
Let’s go. – How are you?
– Everything’s great. Good luck! You’re leaving the zone of visibility.
We’ll contact you in 55 minutes. – What’s this?
– Some kind of top toys. We’re observing a rare case
of spindle-like civilization. These structures indicate that the planet was inhabited by the 6-
legged, 8-winged dragonfly creatures. There’s nothing funny about it. Why are you so quiet? You’re
the first humans on this planet. Man has never set foot in this place! We’re the first here! – You’ve spoiled it again.
– Why me? What a strange echo. Let’s call this planet Echo. – Sounds good.
– Echo! Echo! Vitya has called this planet Varyana. Well, let it be Varyana. And what’s this? Obviously, these are the remnants
of a civilization. But where from? They’re the cubs of dragonfly creatures. They’re absolutely harmless. Besides, they’re just running by. – Anything fell off?
– Nothing so far. – Maybe, my universal glue.
– We don’t need your glue. Then I’ll take a run. – Where?
– Over there. But be quick. We must not
keep away from each other. Sure. All right, run. – Where’re you going?
– To play some soccer. – No kidding.
– He needs to. We have reached the second planet
of the Alpha-Cassiopeia system. The preliminary data on
the atmosphere have been verified. O2 – 21%, H2 – 78%, CO2 – 1%. All is within the range of the earth
standards. Wow, what a wind! We’re observing the signs
of an existing civilization, and, therefore, of thinking creatures. Though everything around
looks rather deserted, so it’s possible we’re too late. I’ve been here.
Lob. Humans? Just a minute, I’ll turn on
my thought detector. Where are you from? I’m from over there, I flew on this
in here, to you. Earth, peace, friendship. The square of the hypotenuse equals
the sum of the squares of the catheti. It can happen to anyone. Peace, friendship! Where’re you going, guys?
Where to, guys? We shouldn’t have let him go a step
away. Just wait till I catch him! What’s this?
It’s a third column already. Dying civilizations have always
created graveside monuments. But where’s Fedka? It’s just an outrage. Now we have
to waste time on searching him. We have to make a radio contact. There he is, our dear boy.
Stop fooling. Stay cool, Varvara. We seem to have an encounter. Who are you? We’re the executors.
Follow us. The controllers are waiting for you. Where’s Fedka? There’s no danger.
Your friend is already there. What’s most important is not to show
distrust. Go on with reporting inconspicuously. We’re having a close encounter
with the intelligent ones. The creatures looking like humans, their heads equipped with
numerous metal details. Their means of communication is
whistling. The human ear cannot… We’re in a small white
spherical premises… A prophylactic module. The walls are from something like
our foam rubber or asbestos. The air in the room
has no smell. What a profound silence. All is white, like in Julia’s hospital.
A trap? A trap for fools. Attention. I am ”Mainland”,
calling ”Island”. ”Island”. Guys, do you copy?
Varya, Pasha, Fedya. Varya, Pasha, Fedya. They left the capsule
five hours ago. They didn’t make contact
at the appointed time. They absolutely disappeared
from the planet’s surface. An artificial body port side. Look, it’s approaching. That’s it, boys. – Civilization.
– Too early to rejoice. What’s this?
I don’t get it. It’s a cannon.
Guys, it’s a cannon. Sure, a cannon. What do we do, Vitya? – Katya, give me a candy.
– Here. Activating the protective system. Don’t get nervous. lf necessary,
the automation will work on its own. Only who will prove stronger? We? We must not
show them our distrust. What about the cannon? That’s something absolutely different. I’ll go out
into the demonstration module. All right. Try not to take
extreme measures. Good luck. Humans. Just like us. I’ve always believed it. If there are intelligent
creatures in space, they can only
be like us. It can’t be proved. You always dispute
the obvious facts. We’re gratified
that we could have pleased you. Come to the ball. Where’re you from? From the Solar system,
from the planet Earth. Why have you come to us? You asked for help. We didn’t ask help. You did, we received
your signals. Those were not our signals. What do you mean, not yours? Not ours. We were looking for the intelligent
in the Universe. – Thinking ones.
– Live ones. Are you alive? Yes, alive.
And we’re thirsty. For this, you’re given a control
key, inserted in the niche. For you not to use
your primitive instruments, we’re switching to your speech code. – That’s something!
– All for the happiness of the alive. – Do you want to be happy?
– Sure. You bet. You will be happy. We’ll make you happy. Will make you happy. Will make you happy. Weird. – What’s weird?
– Everything’s weird. Why do they say
they didn’t ask for help? Who sent the signals then? Or were we mistaken? What does it mean,
”make us happy”? I’m already happy. You happy?
They’ll make you even happier. I don’t want
to be made happy. One must win happiness oneself. – What’s up?
– Where’s the chair? I think I did it. Give it here. A remote control system. It is our planet.
It is the Earth’s garden. The Earth feeds us, gives us water. We exist in this environment,
we move, we breathe. But it is just a tiny model
of a part of our planet. These are flowers, which
will yield delicious fruit later. We call the fruit
apples, cherries, pears. Please. Sending us on a distant journey,
people created this room, in which we could make simulations
of places that are dear to us, and they called
that room ”a surprise”. We would like to know your alphabet. There you go. A, b, c, d, e… Now we would like
to know your vocabulary. There you go. Abacus, abbot, abdomen, aberration, aborigine,
absentee, abracadabra… Hell’s bells. – They’ve assimilated it!
– Yes, assimilated. Thank you. Please, sit down. We’re happy to see our brothers
in intellect. Now we shall tell you
about our planet. This is what our planet looked
like 250 years ago. We were happy and looking for
new ways of development. Creative work was
bringing us joy. The greatest invention
of our scientists was the bio-technical
executor robot, which liberated us from
primitive working processes. Following the executor robot, the controller robot had been created, which was able to not only
manage the executors, but perfect them, too. However, the controller robots decided also to improve
us, the live ones. They believed that the achievement
of full happiness by us is impeded by
the torments of creative work, the feelings of dissatisfaction, compassion for others,
kindness and conscience. They decided to deprive us
of those qualities. We didn’t want that kind of happiness. We began to fight back. But it was too late. All you see now does not exist any more. Only pictures remained. At the final stage
of that planetary tragedy, the controller robots
resorted to an awful craftiness. They created a call – an eerie
mesmerizing combination of sounds, upon hearing which
even the strongest of us lost all willpower and
obediently went to the stations where they were turned to happy, senseless,
complacent creatures. Those absolutely happy ones lived aimlessly
through the rest of their lives, leaving
no offspring after them, for they had also been
deprived of the feeling of love. There is not a single live
creature on our planet now. How could you survive? Shortly before the catastrophe,
our scientists built and put in orbit
a space radio observatory. We’re the descendants of those
who were on that orbital station and, thus, out of reach of the robots. Our observatory
can’t leave its orbit. We are doomed to
forever orbit the planet that no longer belongs to us. For 250 years we have been
sending SOS signals, and we’re happy
that you heard us. The smell. Our three comrades
are there, on your planet. They’re going to die. If they get
the control key, we’ll try to help you
see each other. Square A-739-12 – minus. Square A-739-13 – minus,
Sergei Sergeyevich. Square A-739-14 – minus. Minus, minus, minus… We need different solutions.
We should look for something else. We’re looking, but, unfortunately,
we don’t possess the energy necessary for
covering such distances. I know it without your telling me. Excuse me for so unceremoniously
intruding on your conversation. I’d like to be useful,
for I have some resources, though, maybe, of not
quite scientific nature. Of not quite scientific nature? Not quite,
in the light of the present day. I would like to offer my
services in order to contact the ”Dawn” starship. – How?
– When? Right now.
Please. There we go. Capricorn, Cabalevsky, Centaur,
Cryuchkov, Cristalinskaya… There it is, Cassiopeia.
555-666-777. Do you happen to have any metal
object of medium size? No. – Will it do?
– Just fine. We got it. What’s this? The first contact of man
with an extraterrestrial civilization. The inhabitants of Varyana. And where are the kids?
Vitya? Vitya? Here he is,
Viktor Danilovich Sereda. Excuse me, you’ve got strong tobacco. That’s all
I can do so far. I don’t command
the feedback yet. But… I’m thinking, searching, researching, hoping. The devil knows what. Try the crimson one,
it’s something like our mango. Let’s try your mango. Cool. Well, up! – Hi.
– Hi. Up!
Here comes the mango. We expected a destroyed civilization,
and what we got is just wow! Your mango stinks.
It’s just red ink. Where do these horned
retorts come from? Can you not ask questions
at least now? Please. There’s a hole here.
Interesting. The elementary action
of a field of force. Try the yellow stuff, something
like strawberries in chocolate. ”Island”. ”Island”.
I’m ”Mainland”. I’m ”Mainland”. – Guys, do you copy?
– We copy. We copy. Pasha! Pasha! Pasha, if you have
the control key, hurry and put together the upper
yellow plate and the red one, and then we shall see each other. ”Island”! I’m ”Mainland”. I’m ”Mainland”. You’re in danger,
you’re surrounded by robots. Return to the ship
immediately. To do this, insert the key in
the niche, which must be in the room. Make a half-turn of
the key’s upper plate. After you connect
the green and red plates… You’re being deceived.
You’re in no danger. We’ll make you happy. Will make you happy. It’s all nonsense. Vitya is just
panicking, he’s jealous of us. No, he isn’t panicking. Vitya wouldn’t scare us
just for nothing. The robots. – Come on, what’s the matter?
– We must leave. – Follow me.
– Bye, robots. Danger. Danger. Varya, where’re you? Batten down.
Starting the engines. Hurry, Varvara.
Why are you standing? Maybe we’d better not fly, guys? – What?
– Are you tired of living? No, I’m not. But there’re so many mysteries here,
and we flee without solving them. If they’re really robots,
don’t you want to know why they look so much
alive, like humans? It’s antihuman.
And all the rest? Those balls, means of transportation,
and the whole civilization? We’ve encountered
what we were looking for, and now we chicken and flee. – Shall we bind her?
– I’ve got Sereda’s order. And what would Sereda have done
if he were in our place? He would have stayed. – She’s crazy.
– I’m staying! You don’t even have the control
key to be able to stay. – We are in a mess.
– Pasha, give me a gun. There’re no guns. – What do you mean?
– They stole them, bastards. – Give us the key.
– Not allowed. – We’re hungry.
– Not allowed. And what are we allowed? Nothing.
You’re prisoners now. Oh, so we’re prisoners! You’ll stay in charge now. We’ll contact you every hour, two or
three. Be very careful. My son, Agapit,
will be your guide. He’ll try to help you
find your comrades. But protect him
from the crafty call of the robots. Don’t forget, he’ll be helpless
if he hears it. Goodbye. Soon you will see
our native planet. It is a great fortune, for which you may
pay with your life. But we must do everything we can for
the people from the planet Earth who came here to help us. I hope you can carry out
your daring plan. Goodbye. Goodbye.
We’ll be waiting for you. We’re left alone, you and I.
You don’t seem to be happy about it. I’m not happy about something else.
They all flew off except me. And me. Someone had
to remain on the ship. I would have been more
useful than the others there. Why didn’t Vitya take me? Are you asking yourself or me? You. You possess a unique memory, you’re perfect
in dealing with technology. But when it comes to people, you… Come on, say it. You become insensitive. In situations that outer
space offers us, Katyusha, I doubt that one can
rely on emotions. You don’t have to choose,
you don’t know anything about feelings. – You read Tolstoy’s ”Resurrection”?
– Yes. 25th edition, page 43,
second paragraph. Read it. When Katyusha came into the room, or even when Nekhlyudov saw
her white apron from afar, everything brightened up for him
as though lit by the sun… Well, Professor Kuteishchukova, why are you not studying
your mysterious planet? Got nothing to say?
Then I’ll explain it to you. The dragonfly creatures are divided
into three types: wormlike dragonflies, anthropoid dragonflies
and dragonfly-like dragonflies. We ran across
the typical representatives of the anthropoid dragonfly creature. But you don’t know how
to fight them. They’re invincible. Varya, what are you up to? May I ask a few questions? – Not allowed.
– Ask them. How much is 9 x 7? lt’s elementary. 63. The square of the hypotenuse? The square of the hypotenuse equals
the sum of the squares of the catheti. They know everything. One more question. A and B sat on a tree. A fell down, B disappeared.
What remained on the tree? Oh, Jesus! Burned out. Pasha, take the key from them, quick.
And let’s run. Dead. Burned out. I was wrong. They’re not dragonfly
creatures. They are robots. Yes, they are robots.
What, Pasha? They got no key. Dead, too. And no communication with ship. Agapit, we’re in a hurry. Agapit, we’re in a hurry. They’ve been here. I’ve been here. Lob.
Fedka. They were trying to make contact. Agapit, what’s this pillar? It’s a lift pillar. The means of moving over the planet. Astride? Sorry, l was kidding.
Can we get to them? Yes. But where are they? Think, Agapit. – Here they are.
– You’re alive! Vitya!
Vitya dear! Let’s get out of here. – Who is he?
– Agapit. – You’ve done them in.
– It was Varya. The executor robots are invincible. The live from the planet Earth,
we’re happy to greet all of you. Now you’ll be sent to
the making-happy station, and in two hours of Earth time you’ll be absolutely happy, happy, happy. These are the controller robots. Commander, we must hurry. Come on, Kuteishchikova,
Lobanov, Kozelkov. – This way?
– No, that way. Wait, this is the call of the robots. Agapit, stop. This is the call of
the robots. It will be your end. Don’t stop me. I must go.
They call me. We have to split! Is he nuts or what? That’s what I call strong! He’s disappeared. We must rescue Agapit. If only I knew how. Follow him
and you will be happy. The executors will show you the way.
Follow them. We’ll make you happy. Will make you happy. Will make you happy. This way, there’s nobody here. Come back, and you’ll be happy. Will be happy. Come back, and you will be… – Good work!
– Way to go! We must find out how the robots
operate and how to fight them. – We can’t do it without Agapit.
– Where did they hide him? We must find Agapit,
or we’ll never get out of here. – Let’s disguise ourselves as robots.
– How? We have a weapon – A and B. – It won’t help.
– It will. Where’re you going? Let him try.
Only be quick. It’s not my head.
The mechanic mixed them up again. No, it’s not mine. This is mine. And this is mine. – Shall we swap?
– Let’s swap. It’s taut. Taut?
Then it’s mine for sure. I’m asking a question. Just a minute. Ask it. A and B sat on a tree. A fell down, B
disappeared. What remained on the tree? What are you doing? You can
strangle me. Be patient. – Well?
– Real robots. Take a look at yourself. What a picture! – Keep it, you may need it.
– Thanks. – Well, shall we go?
– Yes. If we’re not back in 30 minutes,
make your way to the capsule. If there’s any danger,
get back to the ship. We’ll wait for you. This is my order. – Pasha, that’s their charger.
– Right. Where do they get energy from? Why are you so slow?
C’mon, get charged. Yesterday, the 376th was late –
and that’s it. Shut him down. You nerd.
The yellow one only on Mondays. If somebody sees, you’ll be in a lot
of trouble. The blue! Don’t touch
the blue one, or you’ll burn. I don’t seem to like you, guys. Looks like something’s wrong
with the memory block. – Just kidding.
– Kidding. What have you done with the live one? Waiting to get happy
on 507th floor. The key’s code is black-and-white. Why don’t they sound the third
ring? I’m starving. Now to the lift pillar. Wow, it feels good! Ah, it feels good. Oh, it feels so good! Oh, it feels so good! Oh, it feels so good! Seventy-one parsecs, and no dragonfly
creatures. Agapit is absolutely like a human.
He got arms, legs and a head. Will the guys find him or not?
What do you think, girls? Sleeping. Of course, they haven’t slept
for 28 hours. I’m a man, and even I…
Feel like sleeping. Girls. What about
following this smoke? It will lead us to
where those villains are hiding Agapit. Let’s pretend that this music
of theirs has affected us. Why not, girls?
Not a bad idea, huh? Will Vitya guess it?
No, he won’t. What shall we do? They’re sleeping. Sleeping. – Hi.
– Hi. What? – Where’re you going?
– You’ve scared me, the devils. Where’re the girls? They’re sleeping there.
What about you? The executors are not allowed there
if the controllers are present. – What do we do?
– We’re thinking about that, too. Get Agapit out,
we’ll wait here. The way you got me out during
the exam, just to get a crib. Got you. I’m off. We’re glad to see you.
Take a seat where you like. Soon you’ll be
absolutely happy. I came for you. Have you forgotten why you descended
on the planet of your ancestors? Oh, it’s you.
Good. Your nerves are no good if this music
affects you so much. I can’t do anything with myself. – Now we’ll get up and go out.
– What for? You idiot, people are going
to die because of you. We’ll get up now and go out. How?
It’s impossible. Possible. Just keep mum
and do as l do. Get up. Oh, I’ve got cramps!
Oh, I’ve got cramps! Not allowed, only the happy
ones go out of here. You’re forgetting that we’re
alive, and we need to. A defect of the construction? Wrong food. Go.
Executors, show them out. Where do the robots get energy? From a charger station
at the ocean coast. – How shall we find the station?
– I’ll show you. All right, this way. Now, let’s get the girls,
and up there, to the capsule. – And in it, to the charger station.
– Careful. Are they alive? Yes, alive, just sleeping.
Move over. – What do you mean?
– We can’t abandon the girls. What about Agapit? The charger station? We can’t rescue the girls now,
they’re sleeping. I’ll stay. They’ll wake up
and we’ll try to run away. We got only
90 minutes. Switch the thought detector
to the outer connection. – Agapit, to the capsule.
– Our only hope is the capsule. And our A and B. We have to find the lift pillar.
It must be somewhere here. There it is. Take off the costumes,
the masquerade is over. Activating the liquidation of
a disposition to compassion, a bent for being conscientious,
appendicitis, a feeling of dissatisfaction with
oneself, a disposition to kindness, a disposition to love,
a disposition to work, a disposition to daring. Why are you standing here? We can’t get out,
something’s holding us. Where’s the second one? He needs to be there for a while. An individual
defect of the design? Obviously. Take your seat. Varya, give them our A and B. – May l ask you a question?
– Ask it. A and B sat on a tree. A fell down, B
disappeared. What remained on the tree? Your letter that stands for ‘and’
remained. In 30 minutes Earth time, you will no longer
care about any questions. Look straight ahead. Agapit, we’ve never been here. Where’s our capsule? This is the ocean.
But it’s a different place. Apparently, I mixed up
the combination of plates. I was still under the spell
of the call of the robots. What do we do? The lullaby. My mother used to sing it. – What are you doing?
– I’m the nurse robot. I’ve got an outdated design. The caring block
has not been removed. And I’ve been rocking
this cradle for 200 years. Only two of us
defective are left, the 739th and me. I saw such a machine on pictures. It is supposed to move. I’ve been waiting for you for
200 years. I’m the mechanic robot! The machine is in full order!
Push the button! Get in. – Hurry, Agapit.
– Don’t interfere. The color gamut of the charger station
consists of three combinations. Up from the bottom –
yellow, green, blue, red. Yellow, green. The machine will deliver you
to your destination. Why doesn’t it move? Movement is the white plate.
Help me close it. Vitya, we blew it. A and B isn’t
working on the controllers. The girls are being prepared
for making them happy. I’ll be the next.
If you don’t help, it’s the end of us. You helped the live ones. You’ll be dismantled. Robots – biological,
biochemical, mechanical. Robots – silicic,
electrostatic. No, it’s not that. The way of destruction –
energy blockade. That’s it. Varya, I’m scared. I’m scared. Won’t the boys
be able to save us? Danger of first degree.
The live ones are threatening. Everything that can burn,
must be burned. There is the charger station! Where are you? Misha, I got two minutes. We’re in extreme danger.
Communication with the ship is blocked. The only possible contact
is through the controllers’ ball. The fight with these robots was
described by Bodyagin. You’ve read it. You have to remember the page
on which it was written. Misha, you’re thinking too long. By the system of long-distance
communication, the commodore ordered all the working robots
to remove their earphones. Carrying out the command,
they removed the earphones and, no longer hearing the orders,
had quitted the awful game. ”Aha,” cried the commodore,
”now we’ll get to the principal ones…” Fedya, watch out! So you’re stuck? Girls, three have already stuck! You damned dragonflies,
we’ll get you all! Where are you dragging me? Commander, come here! Here’s
the entrance to the charger station. Hold on. We’re in a trap. I don’t know
the password. They’ll destroy us! Down! – Let’s run.
– Get down! That’s some mirror! Come here! Vitya, we put our hopes only on you. I’ve glued up three controllers,
but it’s useless. If you don’t help, we’re goners. In a few minutes
the girls will die. Hurry up, Vitya. Varya, think of something else! All executors
report immediately to 1001st floor
of the charger station. Destroy the live ones. Everybody entered here
only in spacesuits. One can stay here only
for a little while. Everything’s so simple and elementary. And incomprehensible. We need a signal for recharging. – Are these the inscriptions?
– Yes. Outer complex.
lnner complex. Hurry, Agapit. – Industrial complex.
– No, not that. Transportation. Field of force,
amplification, reduction. Signal of recharging. Energy of executors.
Energy of controllers. The key code –
yellow-green-blue. Doesn’t it remind you
of a nuclear reactor? Pulling the rod out
increases the energy. Yes, it does remind me! We’ll disable all of them
to bloody hell! Charging for 2 minutes, then
the energy cuts off automatically. The protective blocking
prevents the robots from burning out. How to switch it off? I don’t know. How? How? The key couldn’t stand it,
it evaporated. lf only we could… We need a metal rod,
a steel one! A nail! Come on! Run! You’re saved.
All but us burned out. They were preparing us for
shutting down and temporarily replaced
the charging block with a battery. We’re defective.
We’re your friends. You’re home now. We’re happy for you.
Protect your planet. We won’t be as carefree
as our ancestors had been. And the robots will be
our good helpers, right? Your hair began to grow,
you’re a big boy now. We are your friends. Lay off, l’ve heard it already. – We are your friends.
– I got you. Got you. – We are defective.
– Tell it somebody else. – We are to be preserved.
– I got a headache from you. We are defective. Will you ever leave me alone?! Thanks. Who wrote this? Well, suppose… 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… 13. You’re making progress, dear
Yekaterina Sergeyevna. – How did you get here?
– The call of duty. – How did you survive?
– The call of duty. – What did you fly in?
– The call of duty. Is it really you? By the call of duty, it’s me. Top secret Isn’t it time to get back
to the Earth, friends? Right, isn’t it time to go back
to the Earth? The End


  • David Cardamone

    this is one of the best sci-fi films I have seen! I like this better than Star Wars and Star Trek. This is just amazing! So philosophical, fresh, unique, artistic, creative, special, and original!

  • Zocialstudiesteacher j

    BEautiful1 Im IN Love with all things RUssian , Here I confirm it!, I hope I can Acomplish my Dream to be in Moscow, at least for a day !oh GOd! RUsian GIrsl are so Pretty and CLasy and CLasssic ! love em ! dp u have the Rusian SUbtitles ?

  • jack freeman

    The guy suddenly appearing from Earth without any real explanation didn't make sense as all the other events were believable within themselves in the context of the story but his supernatural appearance did not go with the other explained events which were not surreal. Unless is is to be viewed as an 'authorial comment'.

  • okratio

    unbelievable !! i remember seeing this movie when i was like 5 🙂 even after those years i was able to describe it to google the way it found its name… and youtube has taken care of the rest! thank you uploader

  • MartinInBC

    At 22:34, the exobiologist reports the atmosphere (according to the English subtitles) as "O2 – 21%, H2 – 78%, CO2 – 1%." 78% HYDROGEN? They'd die in agony as soon as they tried to breathe it, and the entire atmosphere would either explode like a giant Hindenberg if there was ever a single spark, or reduce to water and other stuff. Any Russian know if she says N2 (i.e. an Earthlike atmosphere) instead of H2?

  • Fred Alfred

    To communicate with Cassiopea, just use a telephone! Who would have thought of this?
    No powerful Energy source is needed, no complex equations required!
    The idea comes from a famous astronomer from the 1960's…
    Who's the astronomer? What's the idea?

  • Von Staufenberg

    A planet of soulless, empty beings who seek to control human beings with empty words and sound bites. Sounds like a prophetic allegory for corporate media and the oligarchs who pull their strings in the New World Order.

  • Ghibli Inu

    Exactly who is character who appears at 3:07 with dark brown suit? Also at end on alien planet claiming being sent by "call of duty"? Youth's guardian angel?

  • Luqman -

    This is a discussion about Marxist Utopia. Something that never happened because those controlling the process never wanted to let go and created miserable tyranny. It is a moral question only Liberalism can solve, but that means allowing the controlled to be represented. It is also a dynamic system where Utopia is a dream to be achieved by maximizing happiness to the greatest effect and not a materialist paradise. We today see today a materialist paradise will likely make humanity extinct.

  • aadamtx

    Very clever and entertaining! The film must have been in production for at least a year or two, as the teenagers obviously grow during the course of the film – you can see it primarily in their faces and hair. As a comedy, you know there'll be a happy end, but the twists and turns keep the pace moving.

  • Samira

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    👈تــواصــلــي مــعــي عـشـان أشـرح لــك الـوصـفـة الـواتـسـاب *00212.644.62.69.28*📲

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