• Building A Host Environment For Beneficial Insects with Paul Zimmerman
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    Building A Host Environment For Beneficial Insects with Paul Zimmerman

    got thrips better get aphids think i’m crazy i’m not and you’re about to find out why have you ever released ladybugs into your garden only to find 24 hours later they’re gone well that’s because you didn’t build a host environment for the adults see it’s not the adult insects that usually eat the press you don’t want like aphids or like thrips it’s their baby the larvae you’ve got to convince the adults to stay around and lay their eggs and you do that by creating what’s called a host environment and that involves three things food water shelter let’s start with water water for beneficial insects is…

  • We Are Duke Environment: A Community of Purpose and Passion
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    We Are Duke Environment: A Community of Purpose and Passion

    (happy music) – Hi, I’m Toddi Steelman. Our world today is changing rapidly, and the environmental challenges we face are growing increasingly complex. At the Nicholas School, we’re a community of innovators, doers, dreamers, and disruptors. A community united in our purpose to address these complex challenges and have a positive impact on the world. As a Master of Environmental Management or a Master of Forestry student at the Nic School, you can pursue your passion for exploring complex environmental problems in a real and purposeful way. You will be immersed in a school culture that is academically rigorous and career oriented. You will interact with other students who are…

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    Mom is like a flower and dad is like a tree! [The Return of Superman/2020.01.05]

    When you think of me, how do you feel? When I’m with you, – it’s like flowers bloom from the ground. / – My gosh. Does it feel like flowers blooming? – Why is he so sweet? / – When you’re with me? – Is that how you feel? / – Yes. – When he’s with Mom… / – How do you feel – when you’re with me? / – When I’m with Dad, it feels cool. And it feels like I’m on a walk with you. – Goodness. / – It makes me think of a tree with really beautiful leaves. – Mom is a flower and Dad is…

  • Study Environmental Sciences at the University of Birmingham
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    Study Environmental Sciences at the University of Birmingham

    An Environmental Sciences degree from the University of Birmingham will give you the knowledge and the skills to understand and solve the world’s most pressing environmental problems. Finding answers to real-world problems will make you highly employable. We have multiple opportunities to help improve your employability, for example; you can take final year placements in a range of organisations including businesses, charities and governmental organisations. The structure of the course is very adaptable. In the first year you’ll take all core subjects and these will give you the core skills in environmental science, which includes field techniques but also programming and other ways to use a computer to help you…

  • From Amherst to Washington: Mammoth Preparation for Public Service
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    From Amherst to Washington: Mammoth Preparation for Public Service

    So I’m Josh Josh Eastright. I’m from the class of 1999. I am pleased to be joined here by three of my classmates in the class of [inaudible] 99. Yeah. Um, So just to, I’ll give a quick introduction. I’ll let them talk a little bit more about themselves. But you know, the, the goal of this of this conversation was to talk a little bit about people that are, have a chosen government services, their path, post Amherst. So we’ve chosen three people from the class. It took different routes to give us different perspectives. So Kate Kate Van Til is going to give us the executive branch perspective.…

  • Sustainable Self
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    Sustainable Self

    [MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER 1: So to introduce our presenter tonight, we have Ben Woodman. He is from the state of Maine. He has always had a passion for the environment because he grew up hunting, fishing, hiking, and traveling. He is currently studying environmental science and hopes to work in sustainability and or education in the future. He is the chair of Environment Sustainability Alliance here at the WSU Pullman. So just to start us off and I’ll hand it over to Ben. BEN WOODMAN: Hey, guys. So this is Sustainable Self. Thanks for joining. Let’s go ahead and jump right into it. So as she was saying, I’m a…

  • The average person can recognize 5000 faces
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    The average person can recognize 5000 faces

    If you live in a city , you’ve probably seen tens of thousands of passing faces in your lifetime. But how many of those faces can you recognize if you saw them again? New research suggests you could probably recall around 5,000 of them. For the study the researchers divided the faces people knew into two categories: personally known faces, like your neighbor, and public figures like musicians. Participants were given an hour to recall faces in their personal lives, which meant that they could either form a mental image of the face or believe they would recognize the person if they saw them. Researchers provided several categories to help…

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    How to Paint a Cherry Tree in Watercolor – Splatter Painting Trees – Paint a Tree – Sakura

    Hello my friends and welcome to another Tuesday of tutorial. I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today, by popular demand, we are going to paint a cherry tree. We begin by preparing our tones. With red, purples, orange and white. Then with the brush, lightly tap on a solid object to splatter paint. First, practice on newspaper or other surfaces that you can waste. Until you feel you got the hang of it and you can control it. In this way create the shape of the foliage of the tree. Now I´m using a lighter tone to create a light and shadow effect. Don´t try to get a uniform surface, as…

  • Planting 20,000,000 Trees, My Biggest Project Ever!
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    Planting 20,000,000 Trees, My Biggest Project Ever!

    – You guys spammed me to plant 20 million trees on Twitter, Reddit, all over my comments section, so I made it happen. Today we will be planting 20 million trees. And we put ’em in the hole. Now we need mulch. Put the mulch around the tree and we hydrate it. And there we go. And again, hole, tree, mulch, water. And before we go any further this is Sarah. She’s a tree planting expert. Will this tree grow to be big and healthy. – I’m gonna look and see if I can pull on it and it doesn’t pull out of the planting hole. So good job there.…

  • Research Minute: How a Built Environment Impacts the Elderly
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    Research Minute: How a Built Environment Impacts the Elderly

    The focus of my dissertation is I’m really interested in healthy aging and how things like the built environments and our neighborhood surroundings impact our health status particularly mental health for older adults. There’s terrible statistics out there that only about one in three older adults will age successfully. And that’s not nearly enough and we all are going to lose, have some issues with losing our independence, but we want to maintain that as much as we can. We want to make sure that you can still go to the church that you’ve always attended or you can go out for coffee with your friends, that you can take…