• Building A Host Environment For Beneficial Insects with Paul Zimmerman
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    Building A Host Environment For Beneficial Insects with Paul Zimmerman

    got thrips better get aphids think i’m crazy i’m not and you’re about to find out why have you ever released ladybugs into your garden only to find 24 hours later they’re gone well that’s because you didn’t build a host environment for the adults see it’s not the adult insects that usually eat the press you don’t want like aphids or like thrips it’s their baby the larvae you’ve got to convince the adults to stay around and lay their eggs and you do that by creating what’s called a host environment and that involves three things food water shelter let’s start with water water for beneficial insects is…

  • Sustainable Self
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    Sustainable Self

    [MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER 1: So to introduce our presenter tonight, we have Ben Woodman. He is from the state of Maine. He has always had a passion for the environment because he grew up hunting, fishing, hiking, and traveling. He is currently studying environmental science and hopes to work in sustainability and or education in the future. He is the chair of Environment Sustainability Alliance here at the WSU Pullman. So just to start us off and I’ll hand it over to Ben. BEN WOODMAN: Hey, guys. So this is Sustainable Self. Thanks for joining. Let’s go ahead and jump right into it. So as she was saying, I’m a…

  • Sources of Freshwater
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    Sources of Freshwater

    welcome to moomoomath and science and sources of fresh water the earth has an abundance of water and even appears blue from space however only a small percentage of the water on earth is fresh water and much of this fresh water is either frozen or unattainable here’s a quick recap of the Earth’s water after looking at the chart you’ll notice that fresh water only makes up roughly 3% of all the water on earth you’ll find the bulk of this fresh water in these four main sources surface waters which include lakes rivers streams ponds swamps and marshes glaciers and ice caps groundwater shallow and deep and the…

  • Greenhouse Effect – GCSE science, Physics (9-1)
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    Greenhouse Effect – GCSE science, Physics (9-1)

    – Hello, this video is about the greenhouse effect, the physical process that drives global warming and climate change. So, first of all, most of our energy comes from the sun, and the sun is a giant nuclear reactor in space. The reactions going on in the sun emit electromagnetic radiation. Now, we think of the sun as producing light and warmth perhaps, but actually it’s producing the entire range of electromagnetic spectrum all the way from radio waves at the low end to gamma rays and x-rays at the upper end of energy. Now, all that light and that radiation comes through space and by and large gets through…

  • How Close Are We to Mining in Space?
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    How Close Are We to Mining in Space?

    Some say humanity’s future as a space-faring species is just around the corner. But realistically, how are we going to get there? The answer is asteroids. These seemingly unimpressive lumps of rock could actually be the intergalactic pit stops for exploring the universe. They have the potential to become cosmic gas stations and the building blocks for habitats on Mars; to change how we navigate through space, and even to revolutionize Earthly engineering and economies. But their potential remains untapped. – We call the asteroids the stepping stones to the solar system. And we live in the age where humanity will make the leap into space. So how close are…

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    Quiz Time | Hydrosphere | Environmental Science | EVS | Letstute

    we’ve completed an entire unit on hydrosphere so now do you think you can answer a short quiz on the same topic be prepared a mixed bag of questions for you in this quiz so we started from easy questions and the first question is . All the earth’s water is present in next one 2. Planet earth is also known as……yes you are right…..3. Water with high salt concentration is called as you have to change theArrange the following according to the various states of matter it belong to. can you do this that was really good so now this next question you have to name the different processes…

  • How to store Fresh Green Peas  | हरी मटर कैसे स्टोर करें । Homemade Frozen Peas
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    How to store Fresh Green Peas | हरी मटर कैसे स्टोर करें । Homemade Frozen Peas

    Namaskar Welcome to nishamadhulika.com Today we are going to preserve Green pea. We find large amount of green pea in the market during winters. If you preserve it during this time you can have it all the year round from the freezer whenever you want to make it and these will taste as good as fresh green pea. So Let’s see how to preserve green pea. For this firstly boil the water. Take water in any container so that the pea pods are submerged in water. Here we have taken some water. Turn on the gas flame and let the water boil. There is boil in water, add 2 tsp…

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    Hi, im Carl the Landscape Guy, In this video I want to show you how a natural pond that I built has developed so far. Today, priority is given to the fish stock, part of which are koi. I already made several videos about the pond, which can be found on my channel or by clicking on these links. The pond was built without a liner. Existing silt and clay as well as the use of rainwater ensure that the pond does not dry out. The pond as it is now was build 3 years ago. Since then many different plants and species have settled without doing much to it.…