• Ken Gillingham on the Environment and Economics
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    Ken Gillingham on the Environment and Economics

    I do research on environmental economics. I examine how policies can be better designed to be more effective and cost effective to reduce emissions and improve livelihoods. I’ve been very passionate about this issue going back to when I was a young child and I would go for hikes in mountains with my parents. I grew up just north of New York City, about an hour and a half from here. I worked for the Forest Service. I was a Wilderness Ranger in both the White Mountains as well as in Bridger-Teton National Forest in Wyoming. I’m passionate about improving the environment, but I’m also passionate about doing it in…

  • Environmental Sciences at USM
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    Environmental Sciences at USM

    We’re a department of environmental science and policy and so we offer two programs, one is Environmental Planning and Policy, the other is Environmental Science. and the premise is the people who go on to do planning and policy, need some basic environmental science, about which they’re doing planning and policy and similarly the people who are studying environmental science, well, environmental science takes place in the real world, and most of it is done in consequence of policy; Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, hazardous waste. So we kind of marry both of those with the basic sciences. With biology and chemistry and geology things like that. Most of…

  • Study Environmental Sciences at the University of Birmingham
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    Study Environmental Sciences at the University of Birmingham

    An Environmental Sciences degree from the University of Birmingham will give you the knowledge and the skills to understand and solve the world’s most pressing environmental problems. Finding answers to real-world problems will make you highly employable. We have multiple opportunities to help improve your employability, for example; you can take final year placements in a range of organisations including businesses, charities and governmental organisations. The structure of the course is very adaptable. In the first year you’ll take all core subjects and these will give you the core skills in environmental science, which includes field techniques but also programming and other ways to use a computer to help you…

  • 16th Century exercises in a modern environment
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    16th Century exercises in a modern environment

    Hi, I’m Dr. Joan Fitzpatrick. I’m the senior lecturer in English here at Loughborough University and today we’re at the Holywell Fitness Centre to show you some sixteenth-century exercises from Thomas Elyot’s Castle of Health. The first exercise was delving especially in tough or heavy clay soil and by delving he meant digging. Other exercises include bearing or sustaining of heavy burdens. In essence carrying something heavy, climbing or walking against a steep upright hill, holding a rope and climbing up there by, hanging by the hands when anything above a man’s reach that his feet touch not the ground. Another strong or violent exercise was wrestling and this was…

  • Trent University Environmental & Life Sciences M.Sc. and Ph.D. Graduate Program
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    Trent University Environmental & Life Sciences M.Sc. and Ph.D. Graduate Program

    [Blue box enters on screen: We have entered the Age of the Environment, where scientific understanding and communication will be key. ENLS is contributing to that future]>>Dr. Jim Schaefer: ENLS stands for environmental and life sciences graduate program. It encapsulate a very broad suite of studies, of research, largely I would say on the dynamics of organisms in the natural environment and the implications of change for those organisms as well. [Blue box appears on screen: ENLS: Environmental & Life Sciences Graduate Program] It means postgraduate training. It means seeing that research change minds, change behaviors and, we hope, have a positive influence on society. [Text on screen: 42 Trent…

  • Studying marine science at Southern Cross University
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    Studying marine science at Southern Cross University

    [Music] [Music] When I was surfing and fishing I’d always look out to the ocean and wonder more about it. I used to go snorkeling as a child and that kind of created a bit of an inquisitive nature towards what more was out there for me. So my name is Sophie Pryor and I am studying anemone fish and their hosts sea anemones in a changing climate. Growing up as a young person in this day and age it’s pretty obvious that there’s a lot going on in our world that is threatening the viability of our ocean and the environment. Currently there is limited information on how fish…

  • Master of Environment and Climate Emergency: take the next step towards a sustainable future
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    Master of Environment and Climate Emergency: take the next step towards a sustainable future

    Around the world, governments have begun to acknowledge a powerful movement that has been dubbed the climate emergency. But when issues are so varied, and of such magnitude, many are left wondering how to effectively respond. Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia, is tackling the issue head-on by launching a new masters course in environment and climate emergency. We’re starting this masters in environment and climate emergency as a direct response to the demands of the next generation, but the great thing about it is that we have professors, researchers, PhD students very active in their research who’ll be able to guide you in your dissertation work and give a…

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    Parade Green Accommodation Tour | Oxford Brookes University

    Hello and welcome! Today we’re taking a look at a fully furnished flat at Parade Green If you’re coming to join our newest hall of residence in September, it’ll give you an idea of what to expect when you move in. Parade Green offers flats from five-bedroom up to ten-bedroom. This is a nine-bedroom flat and there is plenty of space for everyone. In here you’ve got large cupboard space, plenty of it. We have lots and lots of cooking room, this is a large flat so it has two ovens. There’s washing-up space, two big fridge-freezers, this is your breakfast bar for eating meals at and there’s storage under…

  • Middle East & Africa: Population
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    Middle East & Africa: Population

    In each region of the world, it is important that you understand where people have settled and why they have chosen to live there. Looking at this map, where do you see the higher population densities? Please keep in mind, much of this area experiences extreme climatic conditions (hot and dry). Higher concentrations of people are found in two locations: 1) in the upper elevations of Turkey, northern Iraq, and Iran; and 2) near water. Now let’s think: Why would people live in the higher elevations in a very warm, subtropical region? Why is it necessary for people to live along the banks of the Nile River or the coast…

  • Scientific Glassblowing at the College of Natural Sciences, UMass Amherst
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    Scientific Glassblowing at the College of Natural Sciences, UMass Amherst

    Glass has always been a part of scientific discovery. My mission in this lab is to make the best scientific apparatus for researchers. I enjoy trying to help scientists working on research that they’ve never done before. It’s never been done, so they need new apparatus to do that research. So that’s the exciting part of being here is hearing about that new research. If they need things modified, repaired, or fabricated, but to create that, we have to blow into the glass to make different shapes. So mostly we work with fire. We use torches that run different fuels to create a hot flame to melt the glass, and…