• Improving IT Operational Efficiency for AI / ML, Data Science, and Analytics with BlueData
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    Improving IT Operational Efficiency for AI / ML, Data Science, and Analytics with BlueData

    (upbeat instrumental music) Hi, I’m Matt Maccaux, and I’m here today to talk about how HPE BlueData can provide infrastructure efficiency, agility back to the business, and a path to cloud and containers, from IT operations as it relates to big data and advanced analytics. So what does this mean from an operational and IT perspective? We have teams of data scientists, data engineers, and data analysts, all making requests for different things that we have to support. They all want to bring their own tools to the table. They have different IDE’s that they want to do their job with, whether it’s an IntelliJ, whether it’s a Jupyter Notebook,…

  • ¿Qué es el desarrollo sustentable?
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    ¿Qué es el desarrollo sustentable?

    Hi, how are you? I am the representative of the famous multinational company (beep) and of course our organization is an example of sustainable development: we are committed to seek industrial sustainability solutions that balance economic growth, social development and environmental protection so we don’t compromise the future of next generations because of measures taken today. What a coincidence! I am a representative of organism (beep) and our mission is very similar: it is provide leadership and encourage joint work in the care of the environment environment inspiring and forming and empowering nations and peoples to improve your quality of life without Engage future generations. Hi! Sorry for getting into…

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    – The Wyss Institute is based on the idea that we’ve uncovered enough about how nature builds that we can now leverage biological principles to develop new engineering innovations. But we’re not just a research institute. We’re a translation institute, and we’ve set up and developed a very novel structure that not only allows us to come up with discoveries, but to de-risk them technically, commercially to create a path towards commercialization that will lead to startups or licensing agreements in the near term. – There’s a candy store of technologies, but you find great technologies in a lot of places, let’s be honest about it. But when people in…

  • Environmental Justice 2018 | Catherine Flowers, Keynote
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    Environmental Justice 2018 | Catherine Flowers, Keynote

    Wonderful. Wonderful to hear that. One of the key components of this day was a name choice, and we were very intentional not to call this a conference. I love the roots of the word conference in terms of confer, but what we really wanted here, we went back to the old Greek themed word, symposium, which really was a drinking party. Now, today we’re drinking tea and other beverages, but the idea, the atmosphere of a party, the atmosphere of celebration is here today, and I’m so glad to see so many of you making new connections and catching up with new friends, new colleagues, and having an opportunity…

  • Toyota Environmental Sustainability Presents: A Portal To The Future | Toyota
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    Toyota Environmental Sustainability Presents: A Portal To The Future | Toyota

    (Soft music) – [Narrator] The Port of Long Beach is a busy, heavy-duty place. Every year, this premier seaport moves automobiles, clothing, furniture, and consumer electronics, worth billions of dollars from cargo ships to retail shelves across the U.S. (soft music) And today, one heavy-duty drayage truck is changing the game. Introducing Toyota’s Project Portal, a revolutionary hydrogen fuel cell system, designed to move large payloads of cargo quickly and quietly, while only emitting water vapor. That’s right. No diesel hydrocarbons. No carbon dioxide. No tailpipe emissions. No kidding. And Project Portal is no lightweight. It is a full size, semi-tractor-trailer, with impressive performance and all the load capabilities of…

  • Australia’s fires could change the country forever
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    Australia’s fires could change the country forever

    Sheila Bailey Judi Brady and clinical director Shane Flanagan tend to a koala named Paul from Lake Ennis Nature Reserve as he recovers from burns at the Port Macquarie koala hospital on November 29 2019 in Port Macquarie Australia wildfires are a part of the natural rhythms of Australia’s environment but scientists haven’t seen anything like this before the country is grappling with some of the worst wildfires in its history at least 12 million acres of land have already been scorched and more than 100 blazes are still active and the season has yet to reach its peak the blazes threatened to reshape Australia’s ecology even in places where…

  • Learning from Community Reactions to Wind Energy – Sarah Mills
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    Learning from Community Reactions to Wind Energy – Sarah Mills

    – All right, so good afternoon everybody. welcome to this week’s (muffled speaking). I am really pleased this week to have Sarah Mills with us, and she’s University of Michigan, so she just came off the street, and I should say she’s sprained her ankle. So she crutched all the way to North campus to talk to you. So, she truly loves the opportunity to talk about it. She works all over campus in a way that is too confusing for me to understand, but she’s affiliated the school environments, the ability force feed of the policies and Grand Institute of (muffled speaking). But most importantly, what she does in…

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    The Lady of the Forest 🌲 Horror Short Stories | The Grim Reader

    It was very late at night. My friends and me were walking back home from my cousin’s 15th birthday party. Everything was really dark and we didn’t really know the time, nor had a vehicle. The only friend who did, had left the party earlier that night without us noticing, so we had to walk along the highway, pointing our thumbs up every time a car passed by, unsuccessfully trying to get a lift home. We got to this lonesome part of the highway, not a car on sight. More than a weird feeling, the whole situation made us feel concerned, and yes, a little scared, since we remembered this…

  • Is it Wrong to Fly?  – Glad You Asked S1 (E6)
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    Is it Wrong to Fly? – Glad You Asked S1 (E6)

    This is me in China in 1996, on a trip to see where my family came from.That trip was the first time that I rode in an airplane,and the first time that I got stuck in an airport.We’ve been waiting here for 9 hours now! Air travel is one of the great privileges of living in this century. And the number of air passengers is expected to double in the next 20 years. There’s just one problem. Aviation runs on oil, which contributes to global climate change.And there’s not a good alternative yet.So individual consumers were left wonderingabout their own responsibility.These blankets represent arctic sea ice. Alex: How many polar…

  • HKRDI – Information Ecology Course – Session 06 [RO] [EN Subtitles]
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    HKRDI – Information Ecology Course – Session 06 [RO] [EN Subtitles]

    ‘Learn How to Fly’ Association presents The Ecology of Information Module 6 A very interesting short film a presentation made at a scientific conference in which the way the human body develops is shown piece by piece, organ by organ Let’s watch it for a few minutes It’s in French Where does the interesting part appear? It starts to appear the moment the embyo develops through swirls The swirls move the cells from one place to another Let’s watch a bit more, so that we can look at things in greater depth Although the scientist talks a lot, pictures have been taken and films have been made of the process…