• We Are Duke Environment: A Community of Purpose and Passion
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    We Are Duke Environment: A Community of Purpose and Passion

    (happy music) – Hi, I’m Toddi Steelman. Our world today is changing rapidly, and the environmental challenges we face are growing increasingly complex. At the Nicholas School, we’re a community of innovators, doers, dreamers, and disruptors. A community united in our purpose to address these complex challenges and have a positive impact on the world. As a Master of Environmental Management or a Master of Forestry student at the Nic School, you can pursue your passion for exploring complex environmental problems in a real and purposeful way. You will be immersed in a school culture that is academically rigorous and career oriented. You will interact with other students who are…

  • How can we best protect our forests? PEFC certification!
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    How can we best protect our forests? PEFC certification!

    What can we do to protect our forests? Here at PEFC we believe the solution is to manage forests responsibly, so we can all enjoy the many environmental, social and economic benefits they provide. Vital to this is certification, which promotes sustainability. PEFC is the world’s leading forest certification system. Upholding the very highest standards, it is a global alliance of people who care passionately about our forests. We set standards for sustainable forest management. By doing so we help safeguard biodiversity and support forest owners and communities. This enables companies to source responsibly and allows consumers to buy certified products that they know will come from well-managed forests that…

  • Sustainable Self
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    Sustainable Self

    [MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER 1: So to introduce our presenter tonight, we have Ben Woodman. He is from the state of Maine. He has always had a passion for the environment because he grew up hunting, fishing, hiking, and traveling. He is currently studying environmental science and hopes to work in sustainability and or education in the future. He is the chair of Environment Sustainability Alliance here at the WSU Pullman. So just to start us off and I’ll hand it over to Ben. BEN WOODMAN: Hey, guys. So this is Sustainable Self. Thanks for joining. Let’s go ahead and jump right into it. So as she was saying, I’m a…

  • HKRDI – Information Ecology Course – Session 06 [RO] [EN Subtitles]
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    HKRDI – Information Ecology Course – Session 06 [RO] [EN Subtitles]

    ‘Learn How to Fly’ Association presents The Ecology of Information Module 6 A very interesting short film a presentation made at a scientific conference in which the way the human body develops is shown piece by piece, organ by organ Let’s watch it for a few minutes It’s in French Where does the interesting part appear? It starts to appear the moment the embyo develops through swirls The swirls move the cells from one place to another Let’s watch a bit more, so that we can look at things in greater depth Although the scientist talks a lot, pictures have been taken and films have been made of the process…

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    Our Mission

    A lot of this stuff that looks like sand and rocks under my feet are actually single-use plastic. An estimated 16 billion pounds of plastic enters the ocean every single year. Plastic pollution going into the ocean, and it’s just miles and miles long. And with plastic consumption on the rise, that number is only going to increase. The truth is we’re facing a global plastic problem. Our industries, commerce, and lives rely on plastic – much of it being single-use. Plastic doesn’t break down, it just breaks apart. Meaning that all the plastic that was produced still exists in some shape or form today. It didn’t used to be…

  • This Scottish forest is a playground, a factory and a home for wildlife | Pioneers for Our Planet
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    This Scottish forest is a playground, a factory and a home for wildlife | Pioneers for Our Planet

    What I’d like my legacy to be is for my daughters to understand that a forest is not a place that either needs to be left untouched or that is a place where people just take out trees and wreck it. I would like them to walk into a forest and know that it is their habitat that is a part of their world and part of their lifecycle too. Craigvinean’s one of the best examples I can think of, of a well-managed forest that works for both the environment, people and economic value of timber. I think it’s important to remember that plantation forestry has a very important role…

  • Master of Environment and Climate Emergency: take the next step towards a sustainable future
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    Master of Environment and Climate Emergency: take the next step towards a sustainable future

    Around the world, governments have begun to acknowledge a powerful movement that has been dubbed the climate emergency. But when issues are so varied, and of such magnitude, many are left wondering how to effectively respond. Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia, is tackling the issue head-on by launching a new masters course in environment and climate emergency. We’re starting this masters in environment and climate emergency as a direct response to the demands of the next generation, but the great thing about it is that we have professors, researchers, PhD students very active in their research who’ll be able to guide you in your dissertation work and give a…

  • 2016 Earth Harmony Festival: EcoVillage Lifestyle Education & Celebration!
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    2016 Earth Harmony Festival: EcoVillage Lifestyle Education & Celebration!

    – [Narrator] Greed, selfishness, hate, and fear are tearing our world apart, but time is short for this outworn materialistic system of competition and separation. Another way of thinking, feeling, and being is emerging. (bright music) Come and join us for the fifth annual Earth Harmony Festival this October 1st and 2nd, a weekend celebration of a lifestyle of cooperation, unity, peace, individual fulfillment, and right relations. We honor all individuals and communities around the world who have responded to the call to foster a new way of living, to make the changes in their own lives, and to lead by example. This culture of the future is rooted in…

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    How to eco-wrap a present | Natural History Museum

    What you need Brown paper, foliage, metallic pen, twine, craft supplies, eco-friendly paint Step 1. Create Roll out your brown paper Select a leaf with a clear shape Paint the leaf on one side Press it onto your paper like a stamp Repeat all over until your paper is decorated Step 2. Wrap Once the paper is dry you can wrap your presents Ditch the tape and get creative Try an origami wrapping method Use twine or cotton ribbon to secure the paper in place Step 3. Decorate Avoid plastic decorations and use foliage to create compostable ones Step 4. Label Finally, label your present with a compostable tag Use…