• The Science Behind Climate Change (Documentary)
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    The Science Behind Climate Change (Documentary)

    What is global warming? How did it start? How will it continue? What will happen to humanity? Will one day we’ll be gone due to our own ignorance? Global Warming is the continuing rise in the average temperature of Earth’s climate system Through the sudden use of factories, gas consuming cars and and other ambitions from fossil fuels the Earth’s temperature has rapidly increased since the beginning of the industrial age Global warming is a natural event but is being majorly contributed to by humans today, the quality of the atmosphere has been irreversibly depleted over time and if nothing is done about it, the Earth will ultimately swelter Americans…

  • Studying Ice Cores to Understand the Earth’s Climate
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    Studying Ice Cores to Understand the Earth’s Climate

    One of the best ways to understand the Earth’s climate system as a whole is to look into the Earth’s past and to look at different time periods in the Earth’s climate history when greenhouse gases were at different levels. How much of the difference is really explained by the greenhouse gases themselves? How much is explained by other factors? Ice cores are among the best records for answering those questions. We collect ice cores both from Greenland and Antarctica. These are the two biggest ice sheets in the world, and the two ice sheets that contain really very, very old ice. If we drill down to the base of…

  • Meet Angus, he studies Agribusiness and Wildlife Science (dual program)
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    Meet Angus, he studies Agribusiness and Wildlife Science (dual program)

    Hi I’m Angus and I study Agribusiness and Wildlife Science at the University of Queensland. I wasn’t too sure about which program I wanted to choose, on my QTAC I chose courses like marine biology, ecology, business and science dules, but ended up choosing agribusiness and wildlife science because it was the most hands-on, it seemed more practical and one I’d enjoy the most. I chose to study a dual degree because essentially I get two degrees in the space of four years when one degree is three years and it really broadens my career options. Believe it or not I actually struggled a little bit with biology in high…

  • Scientists Just Broke a Quantum Record; What Happens Next?
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    Scientists Just Broke a Quantum Record; What Happens Next?

    One of the reasons quantum mechanics is hard to get your head around is because it’s just so friggin’ weird. Things at the quantum level behave completely counterintuitively, compared to what we’re used to out here on the macro-scale. Recently, though, scientists have announced possibly the largest objects yet observed being governed by quantum physics. Macroscale objects doing quantum things sounds absurd; at least, Erwin Schrödinger thought so. That’s what Schrödinger’s cat is all about. The famous thought experiment says that if a cat is in a box with an atom that has a 50-50 chance of decaying and setting off a Rube Goldberg murder machine, then, according to one…

  • The average person can recognize 5000 faces
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    The average person can recognize 5000 faces

    If you live in a city , you’ve probably seen tens of thousands of passing faces in your lifetime. But how many of those faces can you recognize if you saw them again? New research suggests you could probably recall around 5,000 of them. For the study the researchers divided the faces people knew into two categories: personally known faces, like your neighbor, and public figures like musicians. Participants were given an hour to recall faces in their personal lives, which meant that they could either form a mental image of the face or believe they would recognize the person if they saw them. Researchers provided several categories to help…

  • Is it Wrong to Fly?  – Glad You Asked S1 (E6)
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    Is it Wrong to Fly? – Glad You Asked S1 (E6)

    This is me in China in 1996, on a trip to see where my family came from.That trip was the first time that I rode in an airplane,and the first time that I got stuck in an airport.We’ve been waiting here for 9 hours now! Air travel is one of the great privileges of living in this century. And the number of air passengers is expected to double in the next 20 years. There’s just one problem. Aviation runs on oil, which contributes to global climate change.And there’s not a good alternative yet.So individual consumers were left wonderingabout their own responsibility.These blankets represent arctic sea ice. Alex: How many polar…

  • Greenhouse Effect – GCSE science, Physics (9-1)
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    Greenhouse Effect – GCSE science, Physics (9-1)

    – Hello, this video is about the greenhouse effect, the physical process that drives global warming and climate change. So, first of all, most of our energy comes from the sun, and the sun is a giant nuclear reactor in space. The reactions going on in the sun emit electromagnetic radiation. Now, we think of the sun as producing light and warmth perhaps, but actually it’s producing the entire range of electromagnetic spectrum all the way from radio waves at the low end to gamma rays and x-rays at the upper end of energy. Now, all that light and that radiation comes through space and by and large gets through…

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    A lot of this stuff that looks like sand and rocks under my feet are actually single-use plastic. An estimated 16 billion pounds of plastic enters the ocean every single year. Plastic pollution going into the ocean, and it’s just miles and miles long. And with plastic consumption on the rise, that number is only going to increase. The truth is we’re facing a global plastic problem. Our industries, commerce, and lives rely on plastic – much of it being single-use. Plastic doesn’t break down, it just breaks apart. Meaning that all the plastic that was produced still exists in some shape or form today. It didn’t used to be…