• What is eutrophication?
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    What is eutrophication?

    What is Eutrophication? It’s a problem that should matter to you, whether you live near the ocean or not. That’s because it begins wherever people live, and ends with damage to resources we all use, and enjoy. It all starts when nutrients get into lakes and oceans. Remember, what’s waste to humans can be food to plants and other creatures. Nutrients feed algae, like they do other plants. Algae grows and blocks sunlight. Plants die without sunlight. Eventually, the algae dies too. Bacteria digest the dead plants, using up remaining oxygen, and giving off carbon dioxide. If they can’t swim away, fish and other wildlife become unhealthy, or die without…

  • We Are Duke Environment: A Community of Purpose and Passion
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    We Are Duke Environment: A Community of Purpose and Passion

    (happy music) – Hi, I’m Toddi Steelman. Our world today is changing rapidly, and the environmental challenges we face are growing increasingly complex. At the Nicholas School, we’re a community of innovators, doers, dreamers, and disruptors. A community united in our purpose to address these complex challenges and have a positive impact on the world. As a Master of Environmental Management or a Master of Forestry student at the Nic School, you can pursue your passion for exploring complex environmental problems in a real and purposeful way. You will be immersed in a school culture that is academically rigorous and career oriented. You will interact with other students who are…

  • The problem of light pollution — and 5 ridiculously easy ways to fix it | Kelsey Johnson
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    The problem of light pollution — and 5 ridiculously easy ways to fix it | Kelsey Johnson

    Translator: Ivana Korom Reviewer: Joanna Pietrulewicz Unless you’ve spent quality time on the International Space Station, this is probably not a view you are super familiar with. This is the east coast of the United States. That’s New York down there in the lower right, and it’s a band of light all the way up through Washington DC. Those cities are shining like jewels, highways are traced by webs of light. And all of that light is super photogenic. But there’s a problem. That light is meant to be illuminating our sidewalks, and our streets and our houses. Instead, it’s actually going up into the sky and out into the…

  • Aircraft noise pollution
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    Aircraft noise pollution

    – Everyday there are thousands of flights flying in the skies around the globe. – The number of flights is expected to reach 40 million this year. – The noise generated from all these aircrafts are affecting the people who work near airports. – It’s also affecting people who live nearby all these major airports as well. – This has become a major problem not just to human beings but also to the environment and it’s called aircraft noise pollution. – There are two types of aircraft noise sources which are airframe noise and engine noise. – Airframe noise occurs when air passes over the body and the wings when…

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    How can you contribute to the solution of pollution within WUR? | WURtube

    In this moment the amount of plastics that we have in the world it is enough to cover the entire world in a layer of plastic. And if I go for example here to the supermarkets and I come home and see how many plastic I bring home, I ask myself is it necessary? Over the last few decades pollution has increased tremendously. Posing serious threats to the environment and to human health. Many studies and courses at the Wageningen University and Research are involved with these topics. Three studies in particular focus a lot on the causes and effects of pollution. My name is Marisol Espino and I am…

  • A breath of fresh air? Parliament’s green watchdog looks at air pollution
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    A breath of fresh air? Parliament’s green watchdog looks at air pollution

    Dr Ben Barratt>>Air pollution in London these days is much better than it was in the 1950’s for example. The major difference is that you can’t see air pollution any more, it’s still there, but it’s of a different nature and it’s now become invisible. Dr Ben Barratt>>The principle source of pollution over London is quite definitely traffic, buses, cars, lorries they all omit pollution that gets dispersed within the city. This pollution is a mixture of gases and particles. Particles are very, very small, so small you can’t see them at all. Dr Ben Barratt>>Unfortunately if you had to design an experimental laboratory for generating and capturing nitrogen dioxide…

  • What makes Delhi’s air so deadly
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    What makes Delhi’s air so deadly

    …near Delhi. The smog here was so thick, drivers couldn’t see where they were going. At least 24 vehicles were damaged as drivers kept crashing into the pileup. These conditions happen every year, when Delhi experiences a huge spike in air pollution. “Are we breathing poison in Delhi?” “…every two minutes one person dies due to air pollution in this country.” “I get nauseous. I get dizzy.” When it hits, the nearly 30 million people here are forced to live in a toxic cloud. Scientists estimate that spending a day outside in these conditions is like smoking 50 cigarettes. “As a lung surgeon, when I open the chest I rarely…