• How can we best protect our forests? PEFC certification!
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    How can we best protect our forests? PEFC certification!

    What can we do to protect our forests? Here at PEFC we believe the solution is to manage forests responsibly, so we can all enjoy the many environmental, social and economic benefits they provide. Vital to this is certification, which promotes sustainability. PEFC is the world’s leading forest certification system. Upholding the very highest standards, it is a global alliance of people who care passionately about our forests. We set standards for sustainable forest management. By doing so we help safeguard biodiversity and support forest owners and communities. This enables companies to source responsibly and allows consumers to buy certified products that they know will come from well-managed forests that…

  • Using Open Source Software for Forest Protection: B+WISER’s 2017 Digi Award Story
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    Using Open Source Software for Forest Protection: B+WISER’s 2017 Digi Award Story

    The forest is important for the people. Taking care of the forest and mountains is not easy. The Philippines has 90 percent forest cover. It is one of the 17 mega-diverse countries in the world. But the country’s forest cover is dwindling. You have illegal mining, illegal hunting. The people, they go out, they cut trees. They burn forests. Rangers were stationed in fixed checkpoints to capture illegal product. By that time the damage was already done. Even though they did receive a lot of paper reports these paper reports were not good for real-time decision making. There was no way to validate whether those reports were true accounts. And…

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    15 Most Beautiful Forests in The World

    Welcome to ALUX.com! The place where future billionaires come to get inspired. If you’re not subscribed yet, you’re missing out. Hello Aluxers and welcome to another exciting original video presented by our team here at ALUX.com. Can you imagine escaping to a world where the wild things are that is covered with trees and different kinds of flora and fauna? There’s definitely something magical about a forest, and it’s certainly the case with the ones we’re talking about today. The calming effect that nature can have on people is clearly evident. Spending time in nature has been proven to relieve stress and anxiety, increase happiness, and provide an immediate boost…

  • Forest schools and risky play | Marlene Power
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    Forest schools and risky play | Marlene Power

    In the beginning this was viewed as like alternative, or it was like this model that like was over here, and I don’t think that’s the case, I think all children should have an opportunity to play and learn in nature welcome to my office This is a great office! I love what you’ve done with the place Hi I’m Peter from Storypark, welcome to Mat Time where we talk about all things early childhood today we’re filming on location in a somewhat chilly Ottawa, Canada… forest stay tuned So welcome to “Rocky and Mossy Place”, a super magical place where children come to learn, children ranging in two and…

  • I want to survive, survival in the forest, episode 3
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    I want to survive, survival in the forest, episode 3

    A next day Need to find food around here The trap doesn’t work Wild animals are so sensitive A rotten tree Maybe the wood worms are eating inside An adult worm And these are young worms We can eat raw if needed but it is when we can’t make fire or when we are very hungry Wood worms are greasy and rich in energy Really delicious There is the rodent’s hole here It’s too deep to dig Cannot eat Rattan fruits are totally eatable Sweet and acrid taste The seed is really big Fortunately, it’s time for them to ripe A little bit acrid

  • ✔ Minecraft: How to make Giant Trees
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    ✔ Minecraft: How to make Giant Trees

    How to make Giant Trees Today I’ll show you how to make a GIANT* tree for your adventure map or fantasy world! Start by making the trunk of the GIANT Tree Make 5-10 blocks tall. (or more if you want) Now add a base where the GIANT tree is a bit thicker and has roots coming out of it. Make it look random, symmetry kills life! (Me: ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一 symmetry”) Turn the logs the direction the roots are headed.. (or do what you want…) (it’s your tree) Hmm, didn’t bring enough wood.. (go in creative mode, duuuh…) Now continue the trunk using stone. (no, it’s my tree) Plant a sapling on…

  • Forest Water Quality Part 2 – The Idaho Forest Practices Act
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    Forest Water Quality Part 2 – The Idaho Forest Practices Act

    ♪ Idaho is blessed with abundant, productive forest land. Many Idaho citizens are not aware of our state laws regarding timber harvest and forestry practices. This video provides an orientation to the key points of the Idaho Forest Practices Act and how it is administered. In 1974, the Idaho legislature passed a law called the Idaho Forest Practices Act, called FPA for short, to make sure landowners and operators steward forest resources for future generations. Idaho’s forest resources are very important to our economy and quality of life, but not everyone agreed on the best way to take care of them for future generations. The Idaho Forest Practices Act was…