• Artist Dale Harding – ‘Environment is Part of Who You Are’ | Tate
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    Artist Dale Harding – ‘Environment is Part of Who You Are’ | Tate

    My name is Dale Harding. I’m an artist and I’m currently based in Brisbane Queensland in Australia This particular space is for playing and mucking around I do a lot of play in here at night time. When the city is doing their kind of social time and play time, often it’s a really great space to come in and play in here So yeah Friday and Saturday night in the studio is a delight Particularly if you can hear parties and other things going on I go it’s a good place to be right here right now yeah Within our family my mum is very skilled maker in many…

  • How burial methods affect the environment — Speaking of Chemistry
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    How burial methods affect the environment — Speaking of Chemistry

    Tien Nguyen: When we die, do you ever wonder what happens? I mean, to the earth? Well, that depends a lot on how we reach our final resting place. Ground burial and cremation are two of the most common ways to go. But there’s a growing list of chemistry-centered alternatives that are being marketed as having less of a carbon footprint. One is human composting, which just became legal in Washington State. How much better are those alternatives for the planet? The answer is not straightforward. But here’s what the latest research tells us about the overall costs of how we lay our dead to rest. Let’s start with the…

  • Poultry pollution – Hermitcraft Recap Season 6 – week #15
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    Poultry pollution – Hermitcraft Recap Season 6 – week #15

    This week on Hermitcraft Welcome to the Hermitcraft recap. My name is Pixlriffs our writer is ZLOYXP And we skipped recap tag last week just to give you and ourselves a breather But it’s nice to see you guys all revved up about it in the comments and we’ll be bringing the tradition back by the end of this video Especially because the actual Hermitcraft tag has delivered a shocking twist this week After celebrating the completion of the stock exchange Docm killed RenDog by spiking the jacuzzi with puffer fish Then tagged the bemused Ren when he came back for his items Dude we got an infestation You’ve got…

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    Environmental Destruction: Excessive pollution from Crude Oil on the Niger Delta

    Because of this oil contamination, we have water contamination. Our economic program, the Russia show program and the environmental program, these 3 destroy all the natural resources of the people. Including fish, said fish, animal and even human. That is economy that has left the people useless. It destroys their means of livelihood. There was no means of survival in the community, because the community depends on water for their economic livelihood. There’s no job because no one can fish again, we can’t begin to farm again because the oil has destroyed everywhere. Oil is not a blessing at all. No, no it is the cause. The oil seeps into…

  • Socio-ecological Transformation Processes – Professor Perdita Pohle
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    Socio-ecological Transformation Processes – Professor Perdita Pohle

    One topic our research is about is socio-ecological transformation processes and the acceptance of the local population of these socio-ecological transformation processes in adaptation to climate change. For example, in the landscape, if we increase mais production for biogas, then there is a competition among land use between mais production and food production.

  • Ecology: Small Solutions to a Big Planet’s Problems. The Names
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    Ecology: Small Solutions to a Big Planet’s Problems. The Names

    Hi I’m K today I’m gonna tell you why getting eaten by mushrooms or given your friend of pair of chopsticks is good for our planet! Olala that’s a topic! Eco living is usually presented as a labor-intensive lifestyle, but it turns out one can help the Earth without much effort. The energy industry burns fossil fuels and increases CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Now, CO2 is the main gas responsible for the greenhouse effect, which is to blame for some of 2017s climate disasters. “The solution” here is moving the industry to renewable sources, but what can ordinary people do? Well, you could use energy-efficient light bulbs, if you…

  • Random Forest Learner & Predictor
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    Random Forest Learner & Predictor

    KNIME Analytics Platform has one node – named Random Forest Learner – to train a random forest of N decision trees. Summarizing the free parameters for a random forest are: the number N of decision trees, and all the free parameters available when training a decision tree. So, the Random Forest Learner node must offer these parameters in its configuration window. Here is the number N of decision trees. Here is the depth of the decision trees, as the maximum number of levels and as minimum node size. Here is the quality measure. Here are the input features and here is the target feature. All other free parameters are pre-determined.…

  • Plastic Bag Pollution – Who’s To Blame?
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    Plastic Bag Pollution – Who’s To Blame?

    50 years ago we used to carry our shopping in the UK in a shopping bag or basket. Then corporations realised that if they provided us with plastic carrier bags for free we would be very likely to buy more of their stuff and they were absolutely right. So after using trillions and trillions of bags and for years seeing images of islands of bags appearing in our oceans not to mention all those in landfill or exported to China it’s taken us until 2019 for corporations to finally start to reduce their use. And by corporations through government making the general public feel guilty about their use, they have…

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    Driving an Electric Car is better for the Environment: Here’s Why

    Special shoutout to NordVPN for making this video possible. More on that, in just a little bit. So as you probably guessed, today we’re going to do a deep dive into Electric vehicles, to see if they are better or worse for the environment. We’ve covered other aspects of driving dynamics, performance, and cost of ownership in other videos, so be sure to subscribe and check them out. However, today, we have to address a comment we get all the time, that Teslas are actually worse for the environment. Running this channel, we’re always amazed by the divide between people who love EVs and those who hate them. There are…