• Beach Report – the causes of water pollution
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    Beach Report – the causes of water pollution

    Our beaches and swimming spots are usually good for swimming, but can sometimes become polluted. Why is that? Stormwater run-off is the most common way. During and after rainfall, stormwater washes things like chemicals, faeces and rubbish into our bays and rivers. Children, older people and those with weakened immune systems are most at risk of illness from polluted water. Before you enjoy our many great swimming spots this summer remember to check the water quality from your mobile. Simply visit yarraandbay.vic.gov.au or check the EPA Twitter.

  • Victoria’s Chief Environmental Scientist: a credible voice
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    Victoria’s Chief Environmental Scientist: a credible voice

    In 2017, EPA welcomed Victoria’s first Chief Environmental Scientist, Dr Andrea Hinwood, to the organisation. This marked a major milestone in our work to become a world-class, science-led regulator. In the past 12 months, Andrea has made her mark, assisting EPA and achieving real environmental outcomes for the Victorian people. There are a couple of things that I’m actually involved in. The first is trying to enhance the capability of EPA in its applied science so that it more effectively uses its science in decision-making and, importantly, to inform regulatory decisions. In doing that, I’m doing a lot of work to try and look at the type of science we…

  • Tackling local pollution and waste issues
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    Tackling local pollution and waste issues

    In February 2018, EPA welcomed 11 new Officers for the Protection of the Local Environment. Known as OPLEs, the new officers are part of a pilot program aimed at tackling local pollution and waste issues hand-in-hand with councils and businesses in the community. The government adopted a trial approach where we basically have seen 11 officers fully trained. They’re called OPLEs (Officers for the Protection of the Local Environment). They have been trained and they’ve got delegated authority under the Environment Protection Act. What they felt and what they heard from the community was that there was a gap in some of the nuisance issues around odour, dust, noise and…

  • Citizen Science at EPA
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    Citizen Science at EPA

    I found citizen sites to be a very good way to get the community involved I’d recommend citizen science to anyone who’s interested in the environment and you get to see firsthand what’s happening around your local areas finding out about health of the area the habitats animals just caring for the land itself together we’ve made a really good team my favourite part of the project is being able to get out and about with like-minded people

  • Our environment, Our health – Building our future together
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    Our environment, Our health – Building our future together

    Clean air, water and land are essential to the health and lifestyle of every Victorian and our environment. Our enjoyment of good quality of life is also reliant on minimal disturbance from noise and odour. At EPA Victoria we’re here to ensure our state continues to be one of the most liveable and prosperous places on earth. Our job is to protect the environment and people by preventing and reducing harm from pollution and waste. Yet the Victoria of today is far different to when EPA was established. Population growth, changes to our economy, environment and technology have created new challenges. Being a world-class regulator of pollution and waste means…