• Environmental STEM: Real World Science
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    Environmental STEM: Real World Science

    We had an opportunity to bring students in from the Jones Academy as part of their summer program and work with Dr. Garey Fox and his Research Experience for Undergraduates program that he has during the summer. And it was just really an opportunity for them to demonstrate what they’ve learned over a ten week period. It makes me really happy to see people in high school already knowing they’re really engaged by STEM topics because it’s not always promoted as well as it could be I think. The Jones Academy is owned and operated by the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. They’re located in Hartshorne Oklahoma and only those students…

  • Bulk Creation Template Population – CAD Design Tips
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    Bulk Creation Template Population – CAD Design Tips

    in IronCAD 2018 we created a new function called ball creation to allow you to create multiple drawing views of your parts and assemblies in one shot in this dialogue you would open this up select the various parts and assemblies and the templates and create all those in one pass we’ve had a new functionality in product update 1 to make this easier simply selecting down to your parts or your assemblies in your property browser you’ll see new options for example you can add your front view direction directly from the scene browser in this case with us add our two direction and said ok you will see…

  • Cleaning the world’s tallest building | Supersized Earth – BBC
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    Cleaning the world’s tallest building | Supersized Earth – BBC

    Today I’m going to join the team whose job it is to clean the outside of the world’s highest windows Oh those like me come up with this one Okay, then look Stay back slingback, okay, you know don’t do no way In the bucket yeah You get nervous at all ya get a little bit scared yeah, I haven’t looked down yet. Now I’d look down It’s almost Inconceivable how high these windows are I’m 60 meters above the next platform below, which is in itself 600 metres above the ground higher than the previous world’s tallest building At this height if I dropped anything it could do serious…

  • Earth’s Tilt 2: Land of the Midnight Sun
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    Earth’s Tilt 2: Land of the Midnight Sun

    Imagine that you live in North America, and one day you call up your friend in Norway, up by the North Pole. You guys are talking, and you make plans to go visit him next summer. So any time next summer works for you? Yep. Any time is good for me. OK, how about June? That’s summer for you, right? Of course. In a few months, June rolls around, and you hop on the plane for your Norwegian vacation. You guys are hanging out one night, when he says– I think I’m going to head to bed. And you say– Come on, man. The Sun’s still up. You can’t go…

  • Layers of the Earth
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    Layers of the Earth

    Do you recognize this? We call the Earth our home. But did you ever think about what our planet is actually made of? The planet is approximately 4,000 miles from the center to its’ surface. But what makes up those miles of Earth? The Earth is divided into different layers, just like this cake. Each layer has its own properties and is composed of different materials. Many scientists believe that as the Earth cooled, the heavier materials sank to the center. And the lighter materials rose to the top. To better understand this, let’s start our journey inside the Earth. Let’s go. Hm, OK. First, let’s start with the part…

  • Crazy eBay green laser pointer mod. 1mW to 1400mW++
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    Crazy eBay green laser pointer mod. 1mW to 1400mW++

    I recently bought some green laser pointers on eBay and somehow they ended up even worse than my already low expectations so I’m going to tear these things apart and see what I can do to make them stronger. now before I start tearing these things apart I want to show you guys exactly why these things are such garbage. for one the seller must not have tested them before shipping because half of them don’t work in the slightest bit and the ones that do work are incredibly dim. perhaps the biggest issues that these things can’t even light things on fire like in this day and age my…

  • How cutting-edge engineering borrows nature’s innovations
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    How cutting-edge engineering borrows nature’s innovations

    JUDY WOODRUFF: Scientists have been experimenting with a wild idea, looking to nature for inspiration in the design of new machines and robots. The goal? To improve devices and innovations to transform medicine and much more. Miles O’Brien reports for our Breakthroughs series on the Leading Edge of science and technology. MILES O’BRIEN: In the never-ending hunt for new designs that jump, pump, or run faster and better, scientists are finding inspiration when they look out the windows of their labs, or in the mirror. RASHID BASHIR, University of Illinois: Almost everything that we are trying to do in engineering is actually really in some ways trying to replicate the…

  • Real World: Earth Systems
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    Real World: Earth Systems

    [music playing] – Hi, I’m Mishay for “NASA eClips,” and today I’m at the Virginia Living Museum in Newport News, Virginia. Today I’ll be talking with some NASA scientists to learn more about how scientists gather information about Earth systems. [music playing] I’m here with Jessica Taylor from NASA Langley Research Center. Jessica is an atmospheric scientist. – Hi, Mishay. It’s nice to meet you. – It’s nice to meet you too. – I understand that you want to learn more about how NASA scientists gather information about our earth. – That’s right. For my science class, I learned that Earth is a part of one big system, but it…

  • Hidden air pollution in our homes and how to limit exposure to it
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    Hidden air pollution in our homes and how to limit exposure to it

    We see and experience particulate matter or aerosol particles all around us. Aerosol particles make up the smog we see in our morning commutes. The trails of smoke that rise out of our campfires, in the sea spray that fills the air after a wave crashes against the rock. There at the center of each and every cloud droplet and in puffs of smoke from cigarettes, but did you know that we also encounter aerosols indoors? We might not typically associate aerosols with indoor spaces, but many research studies have detected a variety of particles in the indoor environment. So where do indoor aerosols come from? Maybe the most obvious…

  • LEGO Orrery – Earth, Moon and Sun
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    LEGO Orrery – Earth, Moon and Sun

    Hey everone, Jason Here. It has been on my list for a long time to build a LEGO Orrery, and a couple of months ago I finally sat down and started putting one together, and this is the result. Now, if you don’t know what an Orrery is, it’s just a fancy word for a mechanical model of the solar system, or part of the solar system, and in this case I just decided to focus on the Sun, the Earth and the Moon, and trying to get the relative roations and orbital periods fairly accurate without making it overly complicated and it may look complicated, but trust me, it…