• The Science Behind Climate Change (Documentary)
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    The Science Behind Climate Change (Documentary)

    What is global warming? How did it start? How will it continue? What will happen to humanity? Will one day we’ll be gone due to our own ignorance? Global Warming is the continuing rise in the average temperature of Earth’s climate system Through the sudden use of factories, gas consuming cars and and other ambitions from fossil fuels the Earth’s temperature has rapidly increased since the beginning of the industrial age Global warming is a natural event but is being majorly contributed to by humans today, the quality of the atmosphere has been irreversibly depleted over time and if nothing is done about it, the Earth will ultimately swelter Americans…

  • Environmental Sciences at USM
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    Environmental Sciences at USM

    We’re a department of environmental science and policy and so we offer two programs, one is Environmental Planning and Policy, the other is Environmental Science. and the premise is the people who go on to do planning and policy, need some basic environmental science, about which they’re doing planning and policy and similarly the people who are studying environmental science, well, environmental science takes place in the real world, and most of it is done in consequence of policy; Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, hazardous waste. So we kind of marry both of those with the basic sciences. With biology and chemistry and geology things like that. Most of…

  • Scientists Just Broke a Quantum Record; What Happens Next?
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    Scientists Just Broke a Quantum Record; What Happens Next?

    One of the reasons quantum mechanics is hard to get your head around is because it’s just so friggin’ weird. Things at the quantum level behave completely counterintuitively, compared to what we’re used to out here on the macro-scale. Recently, though, scientists have announced possibly the largest objects yet observed being governed by quantum physics. Macroscale objects doing quantum things sounds absurd; at least, Erwin Schrödinger thought so. That’s what Schrödinger’s cat is all about. The famous thought experiment says that if a cat is in a box with an atom that has a 50-50 chance of decaying and setting off a Rube Goldberg murder machine, then, according to one…

  • Greenhouse Effect – GCSE science, Physics (9-1)
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    Greenhouse Effect – GCSE science, Physics (9-1)

    – Hello, this video is about the greenhouse effect, the physical process that drives global warming and climate change. So, first of all, most of our energy comes from the sun, and the sun is a giant nuclear reactor in space. The reactions going on in the sun emit electromagnetic radiation. Now, we think of the sun as producing light and warmth perhaps, but actually it’s producing the entire range of electromagnetic spectrum all the way from radio waves at the low end to gamma rays and x-rays at the upper end of energy. Now, all that light and that radiation comes through space and by and large gets through…

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    15 Most Beautiful Forests in The World

    Welcome to ALUX.com! The place where future billionaires come to get inspired. If you’re not subscribed yet, you’re missing out. Hello Aluxers and welcome to another exciting original video presented by our team here at ALUX.com. Can you imagine escaping to a world where the wild things are that is covered with trees and different kinds of flora and fauna? There’s definitely something magical about a forest, and it’s certainly the case with the ones we’re talking about today. The calming effect that nature can have on people is clearly evident. Spending time in nature has been proven to relieve stress and anxiety, increase happiness, and provide an immediate boost…

  • 16th Century exercises in a modern environment
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    16th Century exercises in a modern environment

    Hi, I’m Dr. Joan Fitzpatrick. I’m the senior lecturer in English here at Loughborough University and today we’re at the Holywell Fitness Centre to show you some sixteenth-century exercises from Thomas Elyot’s Castle of Health. The first exercise was delving especially in tough or heavy clay soil and by delving he meant digging. Other exercises include bearing or sustaining of heavy burdens. In essence carrying something heavy, climbing or walking against a steep upright hill, holding a rope and climbing up there by, hanging by the hands when anything above a man’s reach that his feet touch not the ground. Another strong or violent exercise was wrestling and this was…

  • Forest schools and risky play | Marlene Power
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    Forest schools and risky play | Marlene Power

    In the beginning this was viewed as like alternative, or it was like this model that like was over here, and I don’t think that’s the case, I think all children should have an opportunity to play and learn in nature welcome to my office This is a great office! I love what you’ve done with the place Hi I’m Peter from Storypark, welcome to Mat Time where we talk about all things early childhood today we’re filming on location in a somewhat chilly Ottawa, Canada… forest stay tuned So welcome to “Rocky and Mossy Place”, a super magical place where children come to learn, children ranging in two and…

  • This Scottish forest is a playground, a factory and a home for wildlife | Pioneers for Our Planet
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    This Scottish forest is a playground, a factory and a home for wildlife | Pioneers for Our Planet

    What I’d like my legacy to be is for my daughters to understand that a forest is not a place that either needs to be left untouched or that is a place where people just take out trees and wreck it. I would like them to walk into a forest and know that it is their habitat that is a part of their world and part of their lifecycle too. Craigvinean’s one of the best examples I can think of, of a well-managed forest that works for both the environment, people and economic value of timber. I think it’s important to remember that plantation forestry has a very important role…

  • Camouflage: Animal Hide & Seek
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    Camouflage: Animal Hide & Seek

    Shh! We’re playing hide and seek! But, I can’t seem to find Squeaks. Can you? [Soft music playing] Hah! Found yah! [Giggles] Here at the fort, we’re pretty good at hide and seek. You know why? Because we’ve learned a lot of great tricks from nature! There are lots of kinds of animals that have their own kind of hide and seek — Some animals hide so they can sneak up on their prey– other animals hide so they don’t become dinner! Either way, these animals don’t hide behind curtains or under tables like we do when we want to play hide and seek — they hide in plain sight!…