• Studying Ice Cores to Understand the Earth’s Climate
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    Studying Ice Cores to Understand the Earth’s Climate

    One of the best ways to understand the Earth’s climate system as a whole is to look into the Earth’s past and to look at different time periods in the Earth’s climate history when greenhouse gases were at different levels. How much of the difference is really explained by the greenhouse gases themselves? How much is explained by other factors? Ice cores are among the best records for answering those questions. We collect ice cores both from Greenland and Antarctica. These are the two biggest ice sheets in the world, and the two ice sheets that contain really very, very old ice. If we drill down to the base of…

  • We Are Duke Environment: A Community of Purpose and Passion
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    We Are Duke Environment: A Community of Purpose and Passion

    (happy music) – Hi, I’m Toddi Steelman. Our world today is changing rapidly, and the environmental challenges we face are growing increasingly complex. At the Nicholas School, we’re a community of innovators, doers, dreamers, and disruptors. A community united in our purpose to address these complex challenges and have a positive impact on the world. As a Master of Environmental Management or a Master of Forestry student at the Nic School, you can pursue your passion for exploring complex environmental problems in a real and purposeful way. You will be immersed in a school culture that is academically rigorous and career oriented. You will interact with other students who are…

  • Climate change: the trouble with trees | The Economist
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    Climate change: the trouble with trees | The Economist

    Summer 2019 More than 38,000 fires raged across the Amazon… …fires that were man-made Over the past 50 years… …almost 17% of the world’s largest rainforest has been cleared And globally deforestation has almost doubled in just five years Since the start of human civilisation… …it’s estimated that the number of trees around the world… …has fallen by almost half Clearing forests increases carbon-dioxide levels… …but planting them could store away… …some of the carbon already in the atmosphere Everyone is looking for a silver bullet… …to get our way out of this really difficult problem of climate change Some people have latched on to tree planting as a kind…

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    Advanced Conversation with Jennifer on the Environment & Climate Change 🌎

    Hi everyone. I’m Jennifer from English with Jennifer, and I’m ready to share another current issue. If you’d like to communicate more confidently and effectively in English, remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I have videos on many different topics, from current issues to grammar, and everything in between: pronunciation, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, and American culture. Let’s get started with our new topic. A couple of things have made the environment a central issue in U.S. news. First, it’s election season here, and all the top Democratic presidential candidates have laid out their plans to address climate change. We’ll see how Trump responds as we get closer to…

  • What makes Delhi’s air so deadly
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    What makes Delhi’s air so deadly

    …near Delhi. The smog here was so thick, drivers couldn’t see where they were going. At least 24 vehicles were damaged as drivers kept crashing into the pileup. These conditions happen every year, when Delhi experiences a huge spike in air pollution. “Are we breathing poison in Delhi?” “…every two minutes one person dies due to air pollution in this country.” “I get nauseous. I get dizzy.” When it hits, the nearly 30 million people here are forced to live in a toxic cloud. Scientists estimate that spending a day outside in these conditions is like smoking 50 cigarettes. “As a lung surgeon, when I open the chest I rarely…

  • More Growth = Collapse
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    More Growth = Collapse

    Welcome to another episode of Scientists Warning TV with co-host Regina Valdez and myself Patrick Lincoln, coming live to you from the UN negotiations COP 25 in Spain, Madrid. Today’s guests: Amy Lewis who is the Vice-president of Policy and Communications for the Wild Foundation And Gert-Peter Bruch and Mindahi Bastida, who are the founding members of the Alliance of Mother Nature’s Guardians. Today’s Program: More growth=Collapse. My name is Amy Lewis,. I’m a social scientist and I’m a conservationist and I work with an international team that is defending the future of humanity by protecting the wildness of, at least, half of Earth’s land and seas by 2030. I’m…

  • NASA’s Earth Minute: Gas Problem
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    NASA’s Earth Minute: Gas Problem

    The Earth’s atmosphere is a mixture of gasses. Some are known as greenhouse gases. That’s because they trap heat from the sun and warm the Earth. That’s good, because without greenhouse gases, our planet would freeze and life as most of us know it would be impossible. These greenhouse gases – mainly water vapor and carbon dioxide naturally cycle between the land and atmosphere and ocean. And over the ages, these greenhouse gases have reached a delicate balance that results in temperatures that we like. A lot. It’s been that way for thousands of years. Until the last 150 years. That’s when people began burning fossil fuels. Those fossil fuels…

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    Middle Earth: the fight to save the Amazon’s soul

    I live in Bristol. And I am a full-time activist with Extinction Rebellion. One personal experience of mine, I grew up next to a river and I would spend like hours and hours, entire days at that river playing with all of the animals, the insects, everything, and when I returned back to my hometown after a couple of years of having moved to Europe I saw that all of that was destroyed and it was just seeing my childhood, all of my childhood memories had completely disappeared. And that made me really sad. We’re going to plant some trees to compensate for the emission. Throughout my lifetime seeing how…