• Are We Running Out Of Drinking Water?
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    Are We Running Out Of Drinking Water?

    You’ve probably heard a lot about rising sea levels and flooding like never before. But the biggest water crisis brought on by climate change could be not having enough to drink. Thirty-three of the world’s biggest cities, with over 3 million people, already face extremely high water stress. That’s a total of 255 million people throughout the world. But by 2030, that number could almost double. 71% of the planet is covered in water, but only 2% of that is fresh. And only half of that is actually accessible. 1%. The rest is trapped in glaciers and ice sheets. After looking at how much water is actually available, and how…

  • Light Pollution Is One of the World’s Biggest Buzzkills…Here’s Why
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    Light Pollution Is One of the World’s Biggest Buzzkills…Here’s Why

    Have you ever come home from a long day to find your front door swarmed by flying insects? Or more accurately, your front door’s light? Turns out, that’s more than a minor inconvenience. Light pollution is contributing to worldwide insect decline and that’s actually a huge problem. Insects may seem pesky. They bite and sting us, flutter and scuttle into our houses, swarm around our faces and eat our crops. But actually, of all the insects in the world, only 1% of them are pests responsible for any real damage! And almost all insects play really important roles in our world. For instance, many are pollinators, so they keep ecosystems…

  • Sustainability? Answering Google’s 4 Most Search Questions
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    Sustainability? Answering Google’s 4 Most Search Questions

    Hi Alex here. Nice to see you again. I am excited today because, we are answering the 4 most searched questions about sustainability on Google. This is the TOP 4 questions people have when they search sustainability on Google: What is a simple definition of sustainability? What are the 3 pillars of sustainability? Why is sustainability so important? and How can we achieve sustainability? Ok, let’s answer the first question: Sustainability is the capacity of our human society to continue indefinitely within Earth’s natural cycles. Then a development that leads toward full sustainability. It makes sense so far, right!? What are these natural cycles? In 1989, after many drafts, a…

  • What does Net Zero emissions actually mean?
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    What does Net Zero emissions actually mean?

    It’s easy to get lost in the numbers when we talk about climate cha… *DISTANT* The limit of 2 degrees or 1.5 degrees was agreed at COP21 in 2015. CO2 is at over 410ppm and emissions need to fall by… But there’s one number that is very easy to get your head around. Zero. Net zero greenhouse gas emissions, to be precise. Net zero just means adding no greenhouse gases overall. We need to reach net zero if we want to stop global warming. And the more we want to limit it, the sooner we need to reach net zero. For our most ambitious targets, we need to reach it…

  • Program Spotlight: Environmental Science and Management (PhD)
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    Program Spotlight: Environmental Science and Management (PhD)

    Environmental Management is a really interesting program because it brings in the human aspect of the environment. It’s not just about the natural environment, but how humans interact with it. I found this program in Environmental Management very interesting, especially because it is basically merging the knowledge of the scientist with the knowledge of the decision maker. We take Economics, Environmental Law and Policy and we take things like Geochemistry and Water Resource Management. So I think that allows us for looking at problems, environmental problems differently and trying to solve them in a different way. Coming into this program, I think a lot of people, they have very diverse…

  • Research on River Pollution | Research | Cleaning Rivers | The Ocean Cleanup
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    Research on River Pollution | Research | Cleaning Rivers | The Ocean Cleanup

    We’re in Guatemala. We’re focusing on the Montagua river And it’s a river which flows from Guatemala City towards the Caribbean coast and what we found out is that there is actually one big plastic or debris source near Guatemala City And then it flows down and we see it stuck on all the banks And close to the source it’s a lot of soft plastics and on the beaches we only find hard floating plastics It’s very important to identify the sources where is the plastic actually coming from? I think it’s one of the main tasks This is point number one. This is the start so this is…

  • Advanced Conversation with Jennifer on the Environment & Climate Change 🌎
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    Advanced Conversation with Jennifer on the Environment & Climate Change 🌎

    Hi everyone. I’m Jennifer from English with Jennifer, and I’m ready to share another current issue. If you’d like to communicate more confidently and effectively in English, remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I have videos on many different topics, from current issues to grammar, and everything in between: pronunciation, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, and American culture. Let’s get started with our new topic. A couple of things have made the environment a central issue in U.S. news. First, it’s election season here, and all the top Democratic presidential candidates have laid out their plans to address climate change. We’ll see how Trump responds as we get closer to…

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    This is why Amazon is so cheap.

    This video is sponsored by CuriosityStream. Get access to my streaming video service, Nebula, when you sign up for CuriosityStream using the link in the description. About a month ago, Jeff Bezos announced that his company, Amazon, donated 1 million dollars towards the Australian fire relief efforts. For the average person, 1 million Australian dollars or $690,000 US dollars is an extremely generous donation. Because let’s face it, that’s a lot of money. But for Bezos, who’s wealth hovers around $110 billion, it’s not. $690k is how much money he makes in roughly 3 minutes. In the words of journalist Brian Merchant, this is the equivalent of someone worth $50,000…