EPA Administrator: Scott Pruitt
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EPA Administrator: Scott Pruitt

[Music] Scott Pruitt: Regulations ought to make things regular.
Regulators exist to give certainty to those that they regulate. Those that we
regulate ought to know what’s expected of them so that they can plan and
allocate resources to comply. And the process that we engage in in adopting
regulations is very very important because it sends a message. It sends a
message that we take seriously our role of taking comment and offering
response and then making informed decisions on how it’s going to impact
those in the marketplace. We need to be open and transparent and objective in
how we do rulemaking and make sure that we follow the letter of the law as we do
so because that will send I think a great message to those that are
regulated but more importantly they will know it’s expected of them and they can
act accordingly. Which leads me to the second point rule of law. You know as we
do rule making, as we engage in process, it needs to be tethered to the statute. The
only authority that any agency has in the executive branch is the authority
given to it by Congress. We need to respect that. We need to follow that
because when we do that guess what happens, we avoid litigation, we avoid
the uncertainty of litigation and we reach better ends and outcomes at the
end of day. And the third thing is that federalism matters. And I seek to ensure
that we engender the trust of those at the state level, that those at the state
level see us as partners in this very important mission we have as an agency
and not adversaries. [Music]

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