• The Science Behind Climate Change (Documentary)
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    The Science Behind Climate Change (Documentary)

    What is global warming? How did it start? How will it continue? What will happen to humanity? Will one day we’ll be gone due to our own ignorance? Global Warming is the continuing rise in the average temperature of Earth’s climate system Through the sudden use of factories, gas consuming cars and and other ambitions from fossil fuels the Earth’s temperature has rapidly increased since the beginning of the industrial age Global warming is a natural event but is being majorly contributed to by humans today, the quality of the atmosphere has been irreversibly depleted over time and if nothing is done about it, the Earth will ultimately swelter Americans…

  • Improving IT Operational Efficiency for AI / ML, Data Science, and Analytics with BlueData
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    Improving IT Operational Efficiency for AI / ML, Data Science, and Analytics with BlueData

    (upbeat instrumental music) Hi, I’m Matt Maccaux, and I’m here today to talk about how HPE BlueData can provide infrastructure efficiency, agility back to the business, and a path to cloud and containers, from IT operations as it relates to big data and advanced analytics. So what does this mean from an operational and IT perspective? We have teams of data scientists, data engineers, and data analysts, all making requests for different things that we have to support. They all want to bring their own tools to the table. They have different IDE’s that they want to do their job with, whether it’s an IntelliJ, whether it’s a Jupyter Notebook,…

  • UMTMOOC –  Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
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    UMTMOOC – Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

    Assalamualaikum & salam sejahtera. I’m Rahaya. Today I would like to talk about ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT (EIA) In this topic, we will learn about the EIA What is EIA? EIA is a study to identify, predict, evaluate, environmental impacts and communicate information, EIA is about the impacts on the environment to project approval and implementation. EIA is used as an aid to public decision making on larger projects, such as the construction of a highway, power plant or industrial production sites. Why do we need EIA? It is planning mechanism for consideration impacts, decision making, analytical paradigms and mitigation. EIA looking for impacts on both the physical and the social…

  • MARINA – Orange Trees [Official Music Video]
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    MARINA – Orange Trees [Official Music Video]

    Oh-oh-oh-orange Oh-oh-oh-orange I can see the flowers and the greenery I take a breath of air, I feel free Spent so long, was busy chasing happiness When all I needed was a little peace Try to get back to what we need (Oh yeah, yeah, yeah) Living like we’re supposed to be Flowers in my hair, I belong by the sea Where we used to be, sitting by the orange trees Summer in the air, bodies in the heat Just you and me, sitting by the orange trees Oh-oh-oh-orange Oh-oh-oh-orange So far away, from neon lights and city streets This is where I used to dream Been around the world,…

  • What is eutrophication?
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    What is eutrophication?

    What is Eutrophication? It’s a problem that should matter to you, whether you live near the ocean or not. That’s because it begins wherever people live, and ends with damage to resources we all use, and enjoy. It all starts when nutrients get into lakes and oceans. Remember, what’s waste to humans can be food to plants and other creatures. Nutrients feed algae, like they do other plants. Algae grows and blocks sunlight. Plants die without sunlight. Eventually, the algae dies too. Bacteria digest the dead plants, using up remaining oxygen, and giving off carbon dioxide. If they can’t swim away, fish and other wildlife become unhealthy, or die without…

  • Building A Host Environment For Beneficial Insects with Paul Zimmerman
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    Building A Host Environment For Beneficial Insects with Paul Zimmerman

    got thrips better get aphids think i’m crazy i’m not and you’re about to find out why have you ever released ladybugs into your garden only to find 24 hours later they’re gone well that’s because you didn’t build a host environment for the adults see it’s not the adult insects that usually eat the press you don’t want like aphids or like thrips it’s their baby the larvae you’ve got to convince the adults to stay around and lay their eggs and you do that by creating what’s called a host environment and that involves three things food water shelter let’s start with water water for beneficial insects is…

  • UMTMOOC – Environmental Education and Awareness
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    UMTMOOC – Environmental Education and Awareness

    Assalammualaikum and good day everyone Today, i would like to present about environmental education and awareness Based on The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN, 1970) Environmental education is a process that allows people to explore environmental issue engage in problem-solving and take action to improve the environment It is also the process of recognizing values and concept in order to develop skill and attitude necessary to understand and appreciate the interrelatedness among men is culture and surroundings It is also requiring a practice in decision making and self-formulation of a code of behaviour about issues concerning environmental quality What is an objective for environmental education?…