АСМР пьем чай на морозе 🌲❄☕ ASMR drink tea in winter forest
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АСМР пьем чай на морозе 🌲❄☕ ASMR drink tea in winter forest

Hi . Came out on the frosty air? Yeah, it’s really, really beautiful here. I’m glad you and I got here. The air here is so fresh. Even though it’s cold I still like summer better. but I really like it here. It’s great that we went out on a weekend like this. and these houses that the neighbor’s, that ours they’re very cool and cute. By the way, why are you without a scarf? Aren’t you going to freeze? Maybe I should bring it. Yeah? And the cocoa, the tea? Do you want some? I can bring you I’ll have cocoa with you here on the street. Why not? On the contrary, it’s cool. Cool And a warming cocoa. Okay, I’ll get it. Look, I brought you some gloves. So your hands don’t freeze while you’re waiting for cocoa. Here you go . Your scarf. Let’s put it on right away. If you want, you can wear a hat. so your ears don’t freeze I’m not cold, because my hair covers it. Well, here you go, put it on if you want to. No, I’m not freezing. Hair heats up. There’s a scarf. And the sweater is warm. I got myself some gloves, too. Look what I have. Pink I think the kettle’s already boiling. I’ll get the mugs now. and spoons and water to make cocoa. I brought everything. I’ll put it all on the stump. Let’s make it happen. This is our cocoa. I like the sound of that. And the second mug Here, this is for you. And this is for me. So hot. Yummy Stir it to dissolve completely. I’ll get in my way too. The foam makes a nice sound. Do you hear me? The bubbles are bursting It’s so quiet in here, you can hear even that. I don’t even want to speak out loud peace, quiet snow-capped mountains Christmas trees, pines such beauty It was a great decision. Thank you so much. for getting us here. Let’s try it. Yeah, great. You take a sip of hot cocoa when it’s cold, even to your face. pleasant feeling What are our plans for the day today, you and I? It’s understandable that we spend the weekend here. internetless give ourselves a break from it. and that’s right. because the Internet is, of course, cool. but he eats so much time. huge amount of monotony even if you’re immersed in work. but we’re new here, and perception is already changing. You, me, are so beautiful. fabulously you can go snowboarding or skiing I vote for the sled. I can’t ski or snowboard. what about you? Yeah, and how’s it going? I think it’s so scary. Skiing is difficult. that the legs will be blown away twine and you fall, and that’s it. Yeah, the sled was when we were kids, it was fun. I’d still be riding some cool slide. sledding I haven’t skated either. I feel like I’m gonna fall as soon as I put them on. ice cow eloquent description of me on ice we can try– it’s okay with you. You’ll be there for me. Promise on your little fingertips just like that that you won’t laugh and you’ll be there for me. okay, you can laugh I know it looks ridiculous from the outside. Okay, we can go for a ride in the afternoon. And tonight? What are our plans for tonight? Make a kebab? Shish kebab in winter? And this must be delicious. That’s right, right here… We can do this. You can buy meat first. Shall we marinate right away or tonight? An hour or so before the beginning of about But you have to buy now. We’ll have a winter kebab! This is so cool. I wonder if it’s as delicious as the summer? This frosty cocoa has a unique flavor Okay, we’ll have a kebab. You could light a fireplace in the house. and spend the evening in front of the fireplace. nostalgia plan something We still have a whole life ahead of us. and there’s so much to do. there’s so much to see so much to dream about Well, yeah. I think it’ll be a beautiful day. and a wonderful evening great weekend we started talking about dreams, and I’m already thinking, planning. where we can try this year. what to save money for Make time. where do you want to go? where would you like to be now? Cool, I like it. We’ll try to be there this year. What? I admire you. You’re very, very handsome. and very kind and just a really good person. I’m really glad we met you in this huge world. I hope that everyone in this world will meet the same person… who will feel so good about himself. but Of course . Have you finished your cocoa yet? and I drink it for so long. that tea, that cocoa stretch out the fun enjoyment from now on Because every day something like this happens. what you want to hold on to, feel brighter. to enjoy it to remember this moment. I usually write everything down in my diary. and I also take pictures. Right! Let’s take a picture. me and you and I are here. print out And in many, many years, we’ll be reviewing I’ll get it now Well? a little photo together? So . selfies first And you and I smile and now it’s just you. smile, come on. There you go. class staff were successful Here’s . I’m telling you, it’s great Then I’ll print them out. and fill the album with them. and your diary, as a keepsake. it’s gonna be fun and fun. Well? Let’s make this the most magical day. and cool riding, shish kebab fireplace we have a very busy day ahead of us. Okay . then admire nature. And then come back. I’ll be waiting for you.


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