• Cancer-crushing queen of crustaceans
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    Cancer-crushing queen of crustaceans

    (Music) Announcer: AND NOW ENTERING THE ARENA… MANTIS SHRIMP!! Charlie Heck: You seriously have “shrimp” in your boxing name? That’s the least threatening thing I’ve ever heard. Jordan D’Eri: (spit noise) Charlie Heck: That’s disgusting. Jordan D’Eri: Ah yes, but much like yours truly, this little guy packs a powerful punch. And whether they smash or spear, these predators can take out their prey thirty times faster than the blink of an eye. The attack comes so fast, it actually boils the water around it, creating bubbles. So THAT is why they call me, THE MANTIS SHRIMP! Charlie Heck: Alright, Shrimpy let’s tone it down. The punches are only half…

  • АСМР пьем чай на морозе 🌲❄☕ ASMR drink tea in winter forest
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    АСМР пьем чай на морозе 🌲❄☕ ASMR drink tea in winter forest

    Hi . Came out on the frosty air? Yeah, it’s really, really beautiful here. I’m glad you and I got here. The air here is so fresh. Even though it’s cold I still like summer better. but I really like it here. It’s great that we went out on a weekend like this. and these houses that the neighbor’s, that ours they’re very cool and cute. By the way, why are you without a scarf? Aren’t you going to freeze? Maybe I should bring it. Yeah? And the cocoa, the tea? Do you want some? I can bring you I’ll have cocoa with you here on the street. Why not?…

  • When the Rainforests Collapsed
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    When the Rainforests Collapsed

    Way back, about 310 million years ago, a lizard-like creature took shelter in a hollow stump in what’s now Nova Scotia. It was small, not much bigger than your hand, and it hunted for insects in an ecosystem that was way different from anything you’ll find in Canada today. It lived in a warm, swampy forest, full of giant ferns and tree-like plants that reproduced using spores, not seeds. But this lush environment ultimately caused the death of that little creature; its fossil remains were found preserved in that stump, buried by sediment from a river that overflowed its banks. We call that little creature Hylonomus, and it’s the world’s…

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    Huts Villages Ponds and Palm Trees (Part 4) (Please turn on captions/subtitles)

    Forest road comes to an end. We may consider river bridge as a border of forest area. Single lane ends on the one side and double lane track starts from the other side of the bridge. This region is called Baghdari which sounds similar to Bagadari Falls coming on the way to Jabalpur District. From here we now enter beautiful agricultural landscape. Beautiful countryside evening with gradually fading sun makes your day beautiful. Huts Cottages, Trees, Natural water Pool makes your way even better from usual. Still to drive for next 90-100 km to Jabalpur. Please like the video, if you like it and subscribe to enjoy more experience of…

  • TUTORIAL: Rendering Cityscapes with RailClone and Forest Pack (advanced)
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    TUTORIAL: Rendering Cityscapes with RailClone and Forest Pack (advanced)

    In a previous tutorial, we examined how to use RailClone to create a single parametric building. In this tutorial, we’re going to up the scale and share techniques to quickly create entire cities! Staring with a simple grid, we’ll demonstrate how to populate a city with 3 types of building, each showcasing a different technique. We’ll start with courtyard buildings, add towers that are automatically scaled and oriented to fill and entire city block, and finally fill blocks with multiple mid-size commercial buildings. All these techniques use RailClone, a procedural modelling tool from iToo Software. In addition to useful layout tools, RailClone is able to render enormous polygon counts, making…

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    Capuchin I wrote it in a short we are nature there’s nothing that isn’t nature everything is nature there’s nothing outside it’s realm so it’s really a big mistake that we have been meeting for a while to separate ourselves from it well for many years working in the food and beverage industry where I had my restaurant and uh you know one morning this wardrobe that was placed on top of my bed it fell on my head and I was basically hospitalized for a month and you know it was the first Friday where I wasn’t able to go to work you know for that past decade and…